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Maryland Leadership Conference


Maryland Leadership Conferences

If you are a current student at University of Maryland looking for exciting, intensive leadership programs to enhance your leadership skills and build connections with other UMD leaders, the Maryland Leadership Conferences have the program for you! 

On this site, you will find brief descriptions of the programs and a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), contact information, scholarship information. For more specific information about each program and registration, make sure to click each separate link in the side bar. 


Maryland Leadership Conference

MLC is a developmental weekend-long experience designed to enhance your leadership style and efficacy to catalyze change in your communities. This off-campus retreat provides experience with leadership to demonstrate in professional and academic settings through dialogue and activities. 


Maryland Leadership Advance

MLA is a one-day intermediate developmental conference for individuals with prior leadership experience looking to further expand their understanding of personal leadership. We will be discussing topics of personal understanding of leadership, temptations of leadership, debunking leadership myths, and exploring personal barriers towards change.

Maryland Leadership Summit

Summit is a one-day dynamic experience designed to take your leadership skills and efficacy to the next level through interactive simulations, dialogues, and group discussions. The Maryland Leadership Summit is targeted to emerging leaders who are looking for a launching point into leadership development at University of Maryland.