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MOSAIC Diversity and Leadership Experience

The MOSAIC Experiences provides you with three opportunities to explore the relationship between diversity and leadership. You can become involved by applying to be:

  • a core group facilitator for MOSAIC Retreat
  • a participant for MOSAIC Retreat
  • a member of the MOSAIC Initiative

Check out our Applications page to find out more about each opportunity.

MOSAIC Initiative

MOSAIC 2015 Initiative is a semester long program focused on examining how aspects of identity impact leadership for social change. We will explore strategies for creating positive change while considering the complex dynamics of addressing systems of power, privilege, and oppression.

MOSAIC Retreat 2015

MOSAIC 2015 Retreat is a two-day, one-night weekend retreat focused on exploring the relationship between diversity and leadership. Interactive sessions and group discussions are designed to create an environment for individuals to examine their identity and how it influences their understanding of and approach to leadership.