Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life

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Floor Room Name   Floor Room Name
B Activities Room   2F Harriet Tubman Room
3F* Administration Office   G Hoff Theater
B Art & Learning Center   1F Information Desk
1F Atrium   2F Juan Ramon Jimenez Room
G Baltimore Room   1F Leadership & Community
Service-Learning (LCSL)
2F Benjamin Banneker Room   1F Mailboxes
2F Calvert Room   2F Margaret Brent Room
B Catering Kitchen   1F Marketing & Design
1F Catering Sales   1F Multicultural Involvement
& Community Advocacy (MICA)
2F Charles C. Carroll Room   1F Nanticoke Room
2F Colony Ballroom   B North Atrium
G Department of Fraternity
& Sorority Life
  2F Nursing Mothers/Lactation Room **
2F Edgar Allan Poe Room   G Off-Campus Housing
G Engagement   G The Pop-Up
1F Event & Guest Services   1F Prince George's Room
B Facilities Office   2F Pyon Su Room
G Food Court   G Student Involvement Suite
1F Gallery   2F Stamp IT Services
G Graduate Student Lounge   B TerpZone
1F Grand Ballroom   2F Thurgood Marshall Room
1F Grand Ballroom Lounge   G Ticket Office
      1F West Lounge

* The Stamp Administrative Office is located on the third floor, accessible by the stairwell and elevator located behind the Information Desk. See the staff at the Information Desk for more information.

** Key available at Information Desk to access the Nursing Mothers/Lactation Room.

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  Emergency Evacuation and Shelter Plan

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