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TerpZone Open 2018

Friday, November 16th, 6-10PM in the TerpZone

Join us for the 2018 TerpZone Open! Come show us what you've got—and compete for the chance to win amazing prizes! It's just $5 to enter; e-mail or visit The TerpZone front desk to sign up.

TerpZone Open 2018

Beyond UMD: Native Alums Share Their Story

Thursday, November 29th at 6PM in the Grand Ballroom Lounge

Come hear Native professionals share their experiences post-UMD and their advice for Indigenous youth. They will discuss how they build community and stay grounded in their identity.

Beyond UMD: Native Alums Share Their Story

Black Indigeneity in Conversation: Reimagining Justice

Tuesday, November 27th, 6-8PM in the Prince George's Room

A panel discussion with Black scholars and activists to examine the way "justice" currently lives within Blackness and Indigeneity in hopes of mobilizing marginalized communities.

Black Indigeneity in Conversation: Reimagining Justice

Mirrored Re-Collection

November 1st - December 15th in the STAMP Gallery

STAMP Gallery and the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development present Mirrored Re-Collection, a new exhibition featuring work by Sobia Ahmad and Sepideh Salehi. In their work, Ahmad and Salehi challenge stereotypes about women of Middle Eastern descent and examine issues related to national identity and belonging, cultural memory, the notion of home, and gener.

Mirrored Re-Collection

Stamp Gallery Call for Artists

posted on November 19, 2018

Stamp Gallery Call for Artists

Application Deadline | December 21

Notification Date | January 4

Exhibition Dates | February 13 – March 29




Visualizing Protest: The Art of Resistance


Protests have long been a social tool by which to mobilize groups of people around shared grievances, allowing them to collectively interrogate power structures and enact change through the discursive processes of resistance. Protests have been an important moment at which resistance enters public space and gains broader visibility. Some forms of protest, such as riots, can even erupt spontaneously and result in alternative discourses that undermine the original aims of the protestors.


This exhibition thus seeks to explore the role of visual production around protests. It will consider such questions as: How do we understand the relationship between what is visible/invisible or public/private in collective forms of resistance? How does artwork and new media shape, interrogate, or blur these distinctions? How does the visual response to protests and resistance movements by artists memorialize and historicize the events? Do new technologies change the nature of protests, resistance movements, and how they are mobilized? If so, how we understand them visually? What is the role of audience? What is the role of visual imagery produced by resistance groups themselves?


The curator of this exhibition seeks a small group of artists working in a wide range of media whose work critically engages with and responds to ideas around resistance and protest. Work can focus on recent events within the United States as well as be historically situated or centered on other regions. Selected artwork will be exhibited in Stamp Gallery in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland, College Park.




Alison Singer, Stamp Gallery Coordinator, Doctoral Candidate, Art History

Alison is particularly interested in Black Nationalism in the 20th century as well as the interplay between material and pop culture and its relationship to the development of national identity. From 2017-2018 she held a research fellowship at the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Her most recent exhibition at Stamp Gallery, Mirrored Re-Collection, explored the notion of home, gender, private and collective memory, and national identity.




Applicants must submit:

·      Artist’s Statement about specific works being submitted

·      Link to artist’s website (if applicable)

·      Proposed works with title and short description (up to 200 words), year of production, and medium)

·      Digital documentation of work

·      5-10 images/files (JPEG 72 dpi), video/audio clips should be shared as a link to a streaming site (with password information as necessary)




posted on November 19, 2018

COSI Program Openings Spring 2019!!

posted on November 16, 2018

MICA is hiring three undergraduate students for our Community Organizing Student Internship (COSI) program.  Applications open Mon. 11/19 through Fri 11/30!  Federal Work Study students are encouraged to apply!

Applications Reopening Next Monday!

posted on November 12, 2018



Be a part of a movement of active citizens who are learning, serving, reflect and acting on social issues across the globe. Join us during this year's 27 Alternative Break experiences during Winter, Spring & Summer Break.



Upon submission of your application you will be placed on our alternates list, and will be notified by email when a spot on a 2018-2019 experience opens. We will only email you about openings on the programs you ranked in your application.


More Info: Individual Experiences


Application Open

Explore Leadership through the Baltimore Queer Community

posted on November 08, 2018

Through an immersive, four-day civic engagement program, Collegetown Underground, you'll deepen your connection with the inspiring community of Baltimore in the backyard of where you live and study. Collegetown Underground 2019  will highlight the LGBTQ and ally community. Students will explore the history of the Queer community in Baltimore, learn about engagement opportunities with activism and creative placemaking, and connect with community and campus leaders around shared interests for the LGBTQ and ally community.

The program will take place January 18th-21st. Just 30 students from among 13 area colleges and universities will be selected to participate.

Learn more at:

Applications are due December 1st

Apply for the Maryland-Memphis Leadership Exchange

posted on November 08, 2018

Through the new Maryland-Memphis Leadership Exchange program, you'll explore social justice and community-based leadership within the context of interconnected social issues and communities in Washington DC metro area, Memphis, nationally, and worldwide. Through two four-day immersion experiences, one in Memphis and one in Washington DC, students from both University of Memphis and University of Maryland will meet with community and campus leaders, engage with nonprofit agency staff, and are engaged in interactive leadership learning environments with peers. 

Visit to learn more. 

Applications due November 21st!

Stamp Gallery Presents: Mirrored Re-Collection

posted on November 02, 2018

Mirrored Re-Collection
Sobia Ahmad + Sepideh Salehi
On view November 1 - December 15, 2018
Opening Reception: November 1, 5 - 7PM
Featuring an interactive exhibit concerning the recent 'Muslim ban'

In this exhibition, the artists examine issues related to national identity and belonging, cultural memory, the notion of home, and gender. They incorporate aspects of storytelling and weave their personal histories into broader cultural fabrics, the two often intersecting in difficult ways. Their work prompts us to consider: What is the relationship between personal narrative and larger structures of power? How do artists, especially women, use their work to navigate complex political and social terrains?

Sobia Ahmad
About the artist: Sobia Ahmad dissects how social, cultural, and political forces shape personal narratives and community experiences. A strong believer in the power of art for social change, Ahmad explores how our deeply intimate struggles of identity and belonging can inform larger conversations about fluidity of self, womanhood, and activism. She is currently serving as the 2018-2019 recipient of the Next Generation/Sanctuary Studio Fellowship at VisArts in Maryland. 

Sepideh Salehi
About the artist: By incorporating aspects of storytelling and letter writing, Salehi recollects the experiences she had growing up in post-1979 Tehran. She weaves personal narrative and cultural history into her work, reflecting on the ways in which she, and other women, navigated the shifting social and political landscapes. She also explores the idea of home and longing that she felt after leaving Tehran. Ultimately she uses her work to understand how her life was marked and shaped by these different events, and to reflect on them more generally.

Ticket Sales In 3 Steps

posted on October 29, 2015

As of July 1, 2014, the Ticket Office will be charging for ticket services--below is the pricing structure for student organizations.  If you have any questions about your event or how to set-up sales, please contact your Event Services Coordinator.  Ticket Sales In 3 Steps


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