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How to Register

Registration and renewal for new and returning student organizations are done through OrgSync. The following documents will show you a step-by-step process of how to register your group.

Step-by-Step Registration Process for NEW ORGANIZATIONS

Step-by-Step Registration Process for RETURNING ORGANIZATIONS

You will receive a message on OrgSync and an email to your email account connected to OrgSync once SORC staff has made a decision on whether to approve your group’s registration, deny it, or re-open it. If your application is denied or re-opened, an explanation will be given for the decision as well as steps forward.

For more information on setting up your group’s page and all of the features of OrgSync, you can contact SORC or visit OrgSync’s help page at

Common Problems for Being Denied Registration/Renewal

If your application is re-opened or denied, it indicates that there is some problem with your request. Below, you will find a list of all of the potential issues, and what you might do to easily remedy them:

President and/or Treasurer have not completed training(s) Not Complete - starting May 2018, student organization Presidents and Treasurers will have to complete online trainings prior to their registration status being active. 

Non-compliant Group Name - Please re-submit application ensuring compliance with the requirement that “Organizations may not use the University’s Marks including but not limited to “University of Maryland,” “Terrapins,” “Maryland Terrapins,” “Terps,” “Testudo” in its organizational name without prior approval or to denote where the organization is located, such as [Name of Organization] at the University of Maryland.” If you are renewing your organization and have been denied for this reason, please fill out the Student Org Name, Description, category, Website and Photo Change Request form in your OrgSync portal.

Incomplete Constitution— Common issues with organization constitutions are that they do not include the required statements to 1) Agree to follow university policies and 2) non-discriminatory statement. Please resubmit application with completed constitution attached and take a look at our sample constitution for suggested language.

Incomplete Membership Roster – Membership rosters for returning groups must be downloaded directly from OrgSync. You can do this by going to your organization’s portal, selecting the “People” tab at the top of your profile, then ‘export portal roster.’ This roster is the roster that we ask to be attached to your OrgSync registration. For screenshots of how to export your roster, visit For screenshots of how to export your roster, visit If you are registering a brand new group, your roster must include the names and UMD email addresses of each of your members.

Insufficient Members— Please note Undergraduate Student groups may seek RSO registration with at least 8 members or Graduate Student Status with at least 5 members. Student groups may apply for provisional registration if they do not meet the minimum requirement for a period up to three months. Please see the types of registration available below or on your registration form for more details.

Advisor not in Faculty/Staff Directory—Please re-submit your application with a current UMD faculty or staff member (listed in the UMD Directory) serving as the group’s advisor. This may include graduate assistants and the University’s Chaplains as listed here: 

Advisor Agreement Not Submitted – Please contact your organization’s advisor to ensure that they complete and submit the Advisor Agreement. Registered Student Organization approval cannot be granted until the agreement is received. This manual contains instructions for the Advisor Agreement form, if your advisor would like an additional resource to help in completing the form.

Advisor Not in Agreement—The Advisor listed on your application has indicated that he/she does not agree to serving as your organization’s advisor. Please seek a new Advisor as soon as possible and re-submit the form with the new Advisor’s name and contact information.

Incorrect Registration Type Selected (Continuing, Provisional, Temporary)— Please review the possible types of registration, and choose the one that best fits your organization.  

1. Continuing: Most groups will apply for continuing registration. Continuing registration is available to groups that are more permanent in nature. Applications for continuing registration are accepted at any time of year. Continuing registration is renewable annually upon application, and should occur within thirty (30) days of new officer elections.   

2. Temporary:  Temporary registration is available to groups that intend to operate for a short period of time on campus.  Examples of groups granted temporary registration are groups formed to support a short-term program, groups formed to support a specific political candidate or summer school residence hall groups.  Applications for temporary registration are accepted at any time of year. Temporary registration is granted for a period of time not to exceed one year.    

3. Provisional: Student groups may apply for provisional registration if they do not have at least 8 members. Provisional registration is granted for the express purpose of allowing a group of students time to organize a permanent student organization.  Applications for Provisional registration are accepted at any time of the year. Provisional registration is granted for a period of three months, and may be renewed by the Stamp Student Union for an additional period, when appropriate.