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AAPI Organizations

Asian American Student Union (AASU) | Facebook 

The AASU is a coalition of APA orgs on campus and acts as the main voice of the APA community on campus. Membership is open to all undergraduate students. The mission of the Asian American Student Union (AASU) is to provide service, representation, and advocacy for the Asian Pacific American (APA) community at the University of Maryland.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi (aKDPhi)

alpha Kappa Delta Phi (αΚΔΦ) is the largest and only internationally recognized Asian-interest sorority. We were established at the University of California, Berkeley in 1990 and since then, we have 48 chapters at universities from coast to coast and are still growing strong! 

Our sorority values sisterhood among women, scholarship, leadership and Asian awareness in the University and community. 

Breast Cancer Awareness is our national philanthropy. Our fundraising efforts go to the  Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.


Anokha is UMD's very own South-Asian/American fusion a cappella group! Since its inception in 2001, Anokha has gained recognition both on- and off-campus. Meaning "unique" in Sanskrit, Anokha strives to spread South Asian culture through its music.

Bangladesh Student Association (BSA)

Bangladesh Student Association was established in order to promote cultural awareness of Bangladesh's traditions, such as food, dance, clothing, language, and much more. We are also determined to contribute to diversity within the university and provide service to the community.

Chinese Student Association (CSA) | Facebook 

The Chinese Student Association is established to provide all kinds of services and to foster closer relationships among the Chinese students, faculty members, and other interested individuals at the University of Maryland. Our goal is to create a network amongst those that have interest in the Chinese culture, and to educate them on more on the Chinese culture.

Our goal is to create cultural awareness and social opportunities by building a community within the school. 

Our organization provides a place to meet and socialize with other individuals and build a network of FRIENDS. 

All are welcome! You do NOT have to be Chinese to be a member. All are encouraged to join! :)

Delta Phi Omega (DPO)

Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. is the Largest, Strongest, and Fastest growing South Asian and Multicultural interest sorority in the nation. Our philanthropy is children's literacy and education. With the highest amount of chapters and sisters compared to any other South Asian interest sorority nation wide, we are Destined To Prevail Against All Odds!


Filipino Cultural Association (FCA) | Facebook

FCA is an organization that represents the diverse and dynamic Filipino population on campus. FCA promotes pride among the Filipino Student community and seeks to educate others about the Filipino heritage. We unite our members through cooperative involvement in cultural, academic, political, athletic, and social programs and activities. Through our shared experiences, we preserve, encourage, and inspire the celebration of our culture. All are welcome to join, Filipino and non-Filipino.

Hindu Student Council (HSC)


HSC is an organization dedicated to raising awareness of Hinduism through educational, social and cultural activities.

Indian Students Association (ISA)

The Indian Students Association (ISA) is an undergraduate non-profit student organization dedicated to promoting cultural unity and awareness among its members and the University of Maryland community. It was founded to provide a uniting basis from which people explore the cultural heritage of India and its people. Anyone who is willing to learn more about the culture or is interested in the organization is welcome to join. The Indian Students Association encourages and invites you to participate in community service, meet new people, and take interest in other ISA related activities. 

Iota Nu Delta (IND)
Facebook |

Iota Nu Delta, the First South Asian interest fraternity, develops well-rounded men to be tomorrow’s leaders–bold individuals who strive towards the forefront of progress in our global society. First and foremost, they must uphold their core responsibilities–to Faith, Family, Academics and Career.

Men of Iota Nu Delta engage in the lifelong cultivation of Mind, Body, and Soul.  They come from diverse backgrounds, but each shares the bold ambition to accomplish greater things in life. In their quest, they are empowered by the resources of a national network that is built not merely by “membership in an organization,” but by the unbreakable bonds of Brotherhood Eternal

Iranian Student Foundation (ISF) | Facebook

The Iranian Students' Foundation (ISF) is a non-religious and non-political entity that was established at the University of Maryland-College Park in 1984. 

Our mission is to unite students who are interested in Iranian culture, build a stronger presence on the greater UMD campus, and maintain a bond with the neighboring Iranian American communities.

Japanese American Student Association (JASA) | Facebook | OrgSync

The Japanese American Student Association exists to foster cross cultural awareness and appreciation between Japan, America, and all other nations.
All persons interested in the Japanese culture and/or language is eligible to be participating members of the Japanese American Student Association.
Anyone is welcome to our general body meetings and weekly J-Chats! Dates and times of general body meetings will be announced.

Kappa Phi Gamma (KPhiG) | Facebook

Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc., is a South Asian interest sorority founded at the University of Maryland in Fall 2003. The sorority promotes the advancement of women in academics and professional settings, leadership, culture and cancer awareness.

Kappa Phi Lambda (KPL) | Facebook

Kappa Phi Lambda is an Asian interest sorority that strives to strengthen sisterhood among women by providing service and promoting cultural diversity to our members and our community and seeks to further education individuals about pan-Asian culture, while keeping our own identities.

Korean Campus Ministry (KCM)

If you are a student seeking salvation in Christ Jesus, worshipping God, and having fellowship among Korean Christians on campus, you are in the right place! Our main activities include evangelistic events and other events that promote fellowship.

Korean Student Association (KSA) | Facebook | 

The Korean Student Association (KSA) at the University of Maryland, College Park is a student-led organization striving to introduce and promote Korean culture as well as to provide a support system for the KSA community on campus. Throughout the academic year, we host events ranging from movie nights to our annual K-Expo. These events are to simply have fun and embrace the Korean culture by building a positive community. Be a part of the family! Join us in making this vision a reality!

Maryland Masti (MM)
Chandhi Patel, Director | | Facebook

Maryland Masti is an intercollegiate Garba/Raas competition hosted by the students at the University of Maryland, College Park. The home school will open the show as an exhibition act. We know that all the teams will be working hard throughout the year and the best team will walk away with not only the prize money but also the bragging rights for the entire year.


Multiracial and Biracial Students Association (MBSA) | Facebook

MBSA's mission is to provide a community for multiracial individuals to share personal experiences, embrace our different backgrounds, and spread awareness of mixed raced issues. We strive to unite the campus and local community through promoting acceptance and understanding of all racial and ethnic groups.

Muslim Student Association (MSA) | Facebook

The Muslims Students' Association at the University of Maryland College Park is a student-run organization that strives to promote unity amongst Muslim students as well as education for those interested in Islam through on-campus and off-campus events and gatherings. Our goal is to create a community of people who support and care for one another for His(swt) sake as we journey through our time at the University of Maryland.

Muslim Women of Maryland (MWM)

MWM is a forum for Muslim women to strengthen their faith and cultivate sisterhood with fellow students and community members. This is achieved through community service projects, weekly study circles, social events, and workshops. We also aim to raise awareness and understanding in the campus community of issues pertaining to Muslims and Muslim women in specific.

Pakistani Student Association (PSA) | Facebook

The mission of the PSA is to provide an outlet through which students and faculty on campus can come together to help raise awareness about Pakistan and promote its rich cultural heritage.

By hosting various events throughout the year, we aim at reaching out to different parts of the campus community to increase social interactions between both students and faculty members.

Phi Delta Sigma (FDS) | Facebook

Phi Delta Sigma's Mission Statement: Phi Delta Sigma’s mission is to promote philanthropy, academic prestige, professionalism, and above all, brotherhood. Through these qualities our members will become better prepared for future endeavors and challenges. Phi Delta Sigma has been built on the foundation of honor and virtue to exemplify respectable characteristics in the university and community. 

Sigma Psi Zeta (SYZ) | Facebook |


Sigma Psi Zeta is a multicultural Asian Interest sorority. Our philanthropy is to combat the Domestic Violence against women. We were founded on the 10 rays of sisterhood which are: integrity, legacy, scholarship, professionalism, philanthropy, community, culture, sisterhood, citizenship, and activism.

Sikh Student Association (SSA)

Raise the spiritual and political awareness of the Sikh faith among Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike on the University of Maryland College Park campus. In addition we seek to create and foster a cohesive campus Sikh Community through community service and social events as well as build bridges with other groups.


Sri Lankan Student Association (SLSA)

The Sri Lankan Student Association (SLSA) is dedicated to connecting students who are interested in Sri Lankan culture to raise awareness of Sri Lanka and to introduce its culture to the University of Maryland community.


Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA) | Facebook |

TASA at UMCP is dedicated to develop and maintain Taiwanese/Taiwanese American student life and organizational relations at the University of Maryland - College Park, as well as developing relations with Taiwanese/Taiwanese American communities nationwide.

Thai Students Association (ThSA) | Facebook

The purpose of the ThSA is to serve as a network and support group that fosters professionalism and education of Thai-Americans for students and the community.

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) | Facebook

Through cultural and social events, VSA UMCP members can collaborate and share common interests on local, national and/or international issues, which are relevant to the Vietnamese American community. We take pride in knowing that we are still one of the few socially and culturally based students groups on campus.



May 7
to me
Hey Kai Kai,

My name is Thivijan and I am the President of the Sri Lankan Student Association. We are a fairly new organization on campus and have been recently SGA recognized. Is it possible, for our student association to be added to the list of organizations considered as part of the AAPI community. Below, I'll add a description of what the organizations is about.

The Sri Lankan Student Association (SLSA) is dedicated to connecting students who are interested in Sri Lankan culture to raise awareness of Sri Lanka and to introduce it's culture to the University of Maryland community.