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Although Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life does not deal directly with transportation issues, here is some helpful information. Please direct transportation inquiries to The Department of Transportation Services at

Looking for convenient ways to get to and from the University of Maryland? Check out the following links based on your transportation needs.


  • Long Distance Transportation

    Amtrak provides train service throughout the United States. The closest stations from the University of Maryland are located at the New Carrolton Metro station and the Union Station Metro.  There are also stations in the Baltimore area, which are on the BWI Rail Station and Penn Station of the MARC. There are student discounts with Amtrak through the Student Advantage card.

    Bus Services

    Greyhound Bus Lines offers long distance bus travel throughout the United States.  Just as with Amtrak, there are student discounts with Student Advantage card holders.

    Washington Deluxe provides direct bus service to and from DC and New York City.

    Apex Bus offers direct bus service between DC, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Richmond, Virginia.

  • Airports

There are three international airports serving the area:   Baltimore/Washington International Airport(Airport Code:BWI), Washington Dulles International Airport (Airport Code: IAD), and Ronald Reagan National Airport(Airport Code: DCA).

Check out the information below for  transportation options and information  for all three airports

Baltimore/Washington International Airport (1-800-IFLYBWI)

You can access the BWI Airport in a variety of ways. You can take the B30 Metrobus from Metrorail's Greenbelt station on the green line. The easiest way to access the B30 Metrobus from campus is by taking the College Park Park Metro Shuttle bus.

There is also rail transportation with Amtrak and Marc between BWI Airport and the Union Station on Metrorail's red line. You can take to Metrorail to the red line and get off at Union Station. From there, board and transfer to the Marc train and get off at the BWI Rail Station. There is a FREE shuttle from the Marc station to access the airport. The Union Station Ticket Office number is (202) 906-3104 and the BWI Rail Station number is (410) 672-6169.

If you live in or near Howard County, Howard County Transit has the red express route that provides bus service to BWI Airport via the Marc/Amtrak station and the airport terminals.

If you already live in the Baltimore area, you can get to BWI by taking the Penn Station Marc train.

Washington Dulles International Airport (1-703-572-2700)

To access Dulles Airport from Metrorail, you can take the West Fall Church-VT/UVA station on the orange line and transfer to the Washington Flyer bus service. You can also call (888) WASHFLY.

Metrobus 5A serves Dulles Airport, operating between Metrorail's L'Enfant Plaza Station on the yellow line and Dulles. There are stops at Metrorail's Rosslyn station on the orange line and the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride.

Ronald Reagan National Airport (1-703-417-8000)

Metrorail goes directly to National Airport. There is a Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport station on the yellow line.

Ground Transportation

All three airports provide shuttle service.  Contact the airport you plan to use for further information.


  • Driving and Parking on Campus

             Carpooling and Ridesharing

Forming a Carpool

The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) (800-492-3757) and Commuter Connections at 800-745-RIDE also provide information on carpooling and can assist in matching people interested in carpooling.

Regional Park and Ride Lots

If you are looking for a convenient place to meet others for a carpool or canpool, you may want to locate a nearby Park and Ride lot.   For a list of lots and locations, visit the Commuter Connections web site.

Guaranteed Ride Home

For those who utilize ridesharing programs or public transportation, the Guaranteed Ride Home program through Commuter Connections can provide you with a reliable ride home when an unexpected emergency arises.   Through this program, commuters can get home for unexpected personal emergencies or unscheduled overtime up to four times per year.   Best of all, the ride home by taxi, rental car, bus, or train is FREE.   Participants register in advance and must reside and work within the designated regions of the program.

Student Parking Appeals
If you receive a campus parking ticket, you have the opportunity to appeal it with either Prince George’s District Court (oral review) or the University of Maryland (written appeal). By marking “University of Maryland, College Park” on your ticket, your appeal will be heard by the Student Parking Appeals Office, a part of the Office of Student Conduct staffed by graduate and undergraduate students and is not a part of the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS).

your appeal must be filed with DOTS within 15 days of the violation. Do not send appeals directly to the Student Parking Appeals Office. You may mail your appeal in the envelope provided with your ticket or drop it off in the DOTS lobby on the first level of the Regents Drive Parking Garage.

Out-of-State Vehicle Registration
Commuter students residing in Maryland and are from out of state with vehicles must do one of two things to comply with Maryland motor vehicle law:

Register their vehicles with the State of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) OR Obtain a non-resident permit.

To register a motor vehicle in Maryland: one must go to any full-service MVA branch and ask for a title application. The applicant must have the following vehicle documentation: (1) a certificate of title from the state that the vehicle is currently registered in, (2) a certificate of inspection, (3) insurance information from a Maryland licensed insurance company, (4) title fee of $23, (5) lien fee of $20, (6) registration fee that varies depending on type and weight of vehicle, and (7) excise tax that also varies.

To obtain a non-resident permit: Students may obtain an application for a non-resident permit by visiting any full-service MVA branch office or by calling 1-800-950-1682. The following items are necessary to obtain a non-resident permit: copy of student ID or student registration to prove student status, vehicle insurance information, and a copy of the current vehicle registration. The fee for obtaining a non-resident permit is $20. Students may also purchase a permit from the College Park Municipal Center for $31.

For further information and location of MVA offices, call 1-800-950-1682 or visit MVA.

For more information on Maryland Vehicle Registration please visit:

For information on Washington, DC Vehicle Registration please visit:

For information on Virginia Vehicle Registration please visit:

Motor Assistance Vehicle
The Motor Assistance Vehicle is a free service offered by the Department of Transportation Services for current students, faculty, staff, or visitor on the campus of the University of Maryland at College Park experiencing automobile difficulties.   Services which include jump starts, lockouts, tire changes, inflations, and gas transports are available for cars located on University property only.

For service, call 301-314-4CAR.   Be ready to give the dispatcher your exact location within the lot on campus, a detailed description of your car including make, model, color, license plate number, and type of problem experienced.   Raise your hood if possible and stay with your vehicle until the Motor Assistance Vehicle arrives.