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Native American Indian Student Involvement and Advocacy

Native American Indian Student Involvement promotes student development and campus participation for indigenous and American Indian/Native American students as well as anyone who would like to better understand the historical and modern conditions of Native American Indian/Indigenous people and to experience and celebrate the native cultures of the Americas. 

We seek to educate the UMD community about Native American Indian/Indigenous identity, history and culture as well as social issues affecting Native communities and are committed to the creation and maintenance of a campus environment where Native American Indian/Indigenous identities and issues are affirmed and supported.

The best way to get involved is to join the American Indian Student Union (AISU). You can also volunteer to be a part of the Native American Indian Heritage Month (NAIHM) planning committee by contacting Naliyah Kaya at the beginning of the fall semester and may consider taking some of the courses listed in the handbook.

Native American Heritage Month



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