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1120 Adele H. Stamp Student Union
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742


About MICA

MICA Office Philosophy

We support all students at the University of Maryland. Our work is important and provides opportunities and spaces that affirm students and their identities, build inclusive communities among diverse members, and create social change locally, nationally and globally.

We encourage students to participate in both culturally specific and cross-cultural involvement and leadership experiences.

We do not do this work alone and through our values of collaboration, personal commitment, authenticity, and inclusion, we serve our campus in its goals to achieve equity and social justice.


In August 2006, Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy (MICA) became a stand-alone office in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union — Center for Campus Life. New resources and positions have been created, which continue to support and advocate for many of our campus’ historically marginalized communities (e.g., Asian Pacific American,BlackLatina/oIndigenous/American IndianMultiracialLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) as well as reflect movement towards a new and continuing vision that incorporates these important aspects:

      1. Elevated status within the Adele H. Stamp Student Union—Center for Campus Life, and the Division of Student Affairs;
      2. Physical space that is welcoming to our underserved and underrepresented students;
      3. Campus expertise on identity development, cross-cultural competence, and multicultural leadership development issues; and
      4. Leadership role in forging campus/community coalitions on issues related to diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.