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The Maryland Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) Program engages students in leadership experiences that complement academic, co­-curricular, career, and community engagement opportunities. Through institutes, conferences, retreats, and peer education the Maryland LEAD Program develops the skills necessary to practice socially responsible leadership and create positive change. Learn more about these, and our other programs at

Applications for Spring 2018 Facilitators  will be available Oct. 23-Nov. 3.

What it means

1 + 2 = 3. It is easy to teach someone why this is true, and to instruct them of the steps it takes to 3. But have you ever thought about what it might mean to facilitate someone’s journey of understanding as to how and why 1+2 does in fact equal 3? How can you get someone to arrive at this realization on their own?

Rather than arithmetic, our dedicated facilitators lead participants through a journey of leadership development. By facilitating activities and reflective group dialogues, facilitators help participants understand leadership concepts ranging from the benefits of collaboration, to the dynamics of power across identity groups in the workplace. We believe the best learning happenings when participants do it themselves, with merely a guiding hand from the facilitators!


What does the role entail? Being a facilitator with the M-LEAD Program is a commitment, and we do expect you to work to uphold that commitment! Review the full description of the facilitation positions available here. Major requirements include:

  • Attending a New Facilitator Orientation on Friday, Feb. 2nd

  • Attending weekly, 2-hour Learning Communities (Monday nights 5:30-7:30).

  • Meeting all requirements for the program you are selected to facilitate. You can find more info about those programs here!

  • Bringing a positive attitude and a willingness to grow and help others grow throughout the semester!


As a Maryland LEADer, you will serve others, while also bettering yourself! Some potential benefits include…

  • Being accepted in a cohort of like-minded, socially-conscious and action-oriented peers.

  • Entering into a safe space where you can practice your facilitation skills in order to lead highly effective deep, meaningful dialogues among peers.

  • The chance to catalyze your own personal development journey as you learn about yourself as a social changemaker and the ways you can lead change in any community you belong to.

  • Fun, friends and family!!!


Facilitator applications for Spring 2018 will open in November.

Remember to sign up for M-LEAD’s listserv to get an email reminder when applications open, and like us on Facebook to stay up to date with all upcoming opportunities with Maryland LEAD throughout the semester!