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The Veterans Services Steering Committee is comprised of individuals – students, faculty, and staff- from around the campus who support Veterans. Working in their various units, departments, or student organizations and working together, this group is committed to the transformation of the University of Maryland to a Center of Excellence for Veterans by advancing policies, programs, and opportunities for Veterans. Many of the members of the Committee serve as liaisons for Veterans in their various offices.


Veterans Services Steering Committee


Marsha Guenzler-Stevens (Chair) – Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life.  Marsha is the consummate advocate and supporter for Veteran students.  She was instrumental in starting our Veteran Student Life office on campus and continues to play a critical role in its growth and success.


Contact:, 301-314-8505

Brian Bertges – Coordinator, Veteran Student Life.  Brian coordinates all efforts of the Veteran Student Life office in its comprehensive offerings to serve the UM Veteran population.  Brian can also help you with any questions you have about the Veterans Center – For All Who Served, including how you can gain access to the keycard entry to the Center.


Contact:, 301-314-0073



Susan Buckenmaier – Graduate Assistant, Veteran Student Life. Susan is an officer in the US Army Reserves and is currently studying Epidemiology in the School of Public Health.



Contact:, 301-405-9605

Aaron Anderson – Graduate Assistant, Veteran Student Life. Aaron is in his second year of graduate study in the School of Public Policy. He served in the US Army.


Contact:, 301-405-9605



Kelly Bishop – Director, University Career Center & President’s Promise.  The Career Center is a valuable resource for all aspects of Veteran career and internship planning. 

Contact: 301-314-7236

Monique Boyd – Associate Director, Student Financial Aid.  Monique is a valued resource in all financial aid options and scholarship information that affect our Veteran students.

Contact:, 301314-9000



Aaron Bricco – Former TerpVets President.  Aaron is an active member of the UM Veteran community.  He served in the United States Army before beginning his studies at the University of Maryland.



Contact:, 301-314-7285


Deborah Bryant – Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies.  Deborah is our liaison to the University’s Council of Advisors to help educate and train those individuals about the unique needs of Veteran students.

Conact:, 301-314-9401



Devin Carroll – TerpVets President. He came to College Park after serving in the United States Navy and is majoring in Biology.




Simone Frazer – Undergraduate Student Representative. Simone previously served in the military. She was previously awarded the Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad.





Marwin Glenn – Peer Advisors for Veteran Education Team Leader. Marwin previously served in the Marines and is BA/MBA program in the Smith School of Business.






Barbara Gill – Vice President for Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs.  Barb is an advocate and partner in our current work with Undergraduate Admissions and future review of potential transfer credit policies.


Contact:, 301-314-8350



Jo Ann Hutchinson – Assistant Director, Disability Support Services, Counseling Center.  Jo Ann is the main contact for getting assistance and support to those that may be in need of accommodations and/or information about resources for those with learning and/or physical disabilities.


Contact:, 301-314-7681



Dennis Kivlighan – Faculty Member, Counseling & Personnel Services, School of Education.  Dennis is our faculty representative from the School of Education which is home to our Veteran transition courses.

Contact:, 301-405-2863


Meredith Kleykamp – Faculty Member, Dept of Sociology, Military Sociology.  Meredith is an Assistant Professor and part of our Veteran grant research team.  One of her primary research focuses is on the military as a unique labor market institution.


Contact:, 301-405-6409


Sally Koblinsky
 – Faculty Member, Family Sciences, School of Public Health. Sally is an active supporter of Veteran students and has research interest in military families and their experiences.


Contact:, 301-405-4009

Andrew Lauziere – Veterans STEM Tutoring Program Graduate Assistant. Andrew is a graduate student working on a degree in advanced mathematics and tutors student veterans in STEM subjects on a weekly basis.






Donna Lim – Associate Director, Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life.  Veteran Student Life is one of the areas that Donna oversees in serving the needs and interests of our Veteran students.


Contact:, 301-314-8491




Jason Musick – Former TerpVets Executive Board Member. Jason previously served in the Marines and is currently studying Mechanical Engineering.






Rebecca Patterson – Graduate Student Representative. Rebecca previously served in the US Army and is currently working a graduate degree in Environmental Health Sciences. She also currently works as the Strategic Engagement Coordinator for Student Veterans of America.






Michael Robinson, Associate Director –  Freshmen & Transfer Admissions Counselor, Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The Freshman & Transfer Admissions Counselor is essential in assisting in identifying incoming Veteran students and their dependents, as well as for connecting them to essential programs and services.


Contact: 301-314- 8385

James Rychner, Student Affairs Development. Jim is instrumental in exploring multiple external financial support opportunities for UM Veterans and their families.


Contact:, 301-314-7918

David Segal – Faculty Member, Military Sociology, Center for Research on Military Organization.  David is a Professor and part of our Veteran grant research team.  His research specialty areas are military sociology and theory.


Contact:, 203-405-6439

Jackie Vander Velden –Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar. Jackie plays a vital role in administering the collection of data on our Veteran population in efforts to better understand and in turn better serve this particular constituency.

Contact:, 301-314-8225

Michael Vivian – Veterans Certification Officer, Office of the Registrar.  Shawn is the VA certification official for UMD. All requests for VA educational benefits and questions, his office addresses.


Contact:, 301-314-839

John Zacker – Assistant Vice President, Office of the VP for Student Affairs.  John is the liaison from the Vice President for Student Affairs and makes certain to keep the needs of Veteran students in the forefront of all student service departments.

Contact:, 301-314-8507

Terry Zacker – Student Affairs Development, Adele H. Stamp Student Union.  Terry assists in Veteran fundraising efforts and coordinates all of our Veteran scholarship selection processes.


Contact:, 301-314-7165