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0110 Adele H. Stamp Student Union
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What is TerpVets?

TerpVets is a student run organization established to provide its members the opportunity to recognize and support the community of veterans on and off campus through a variety of volunteer and social events while building a network that enhances personal and career growth.

They are also joined by faculty, staff, alumni, friends and families of veterans and others who wish to support our brothers and sisters who have or are serving our country.

What TerpVets Does?

  1. Host social events
  2. Provide meaningful volunteer opportunities
  3. Inspire leadership to the campus community


TerpVets will be a strong brand on the campus, promoting students with high character who approach the college experience with maturity and appreciation.

Upcoming Events

TerpVets holds monthly meetings, social events, and community volunteering opportunities. E-mail to receive more information. You can also join their OrgSync group for a list of upcoming events.