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By Laws

Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life
 Advisory Board Bylaws


The Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life is the community center for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the University of Maryland, College Park.  The Stamp is a place where students and others can spend time learning and socializing, becoming a part of the campus community.  The Stamp contributes to the educational mission of the University of Maryland by providing opportunities and encouragement for participation in educational, cultural, social and recreational programs, and leisure activities.  The Stamp helps promote the success of campus student organizations and provides services for the campus community.

The Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life is an agency of the University of Maryland.  The Stamp receives no state appropriated funds and is entirely dependent upon student fee income and revenue produced within various services and programs.

As a department of the Division of Student Affairs, the Stamp is integral to the overall educational mission of the University.  Responsibility to administer the programs, services and facilities of the Stamp have been delegated to the Director, Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life, who is assisted by administrative and service staff personnel.

In the fulfillment of administrative responsibilities, including determination of operating policies and procedures, the opinions and guidance of interested and affected members of the campus community, particularly students, should be taken seriously into account.  The University administration has consistently affirmed a strong commitment to this principle by fostering mechanisms through which full time professional staff work in consultation with advisory groups of students, faculty and staff.

Compatible with this practice, this document will provide for an Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life Advisory Board, acting in an advisory capacity to the Stamp Director and staff, and shall concern itself with the Stamp’s programs, services, facilities, and long-range planning. 

Revised 09/08
Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life Advisory Board

Article I   NAME

The name of this body shall be the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life Advisory Board (herein referred to as the Board).


The purposes of this body shall be:

A.        To advise the Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life on matters of policy relating to the administration of the Stamp and the employment of administrative staff.

B.        To facilitate social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs for all members of the University community through financial support of Student Entertainment Events (SEE).

C.        To provide opportunities for students to experience social responsibility and leadership.

D.        To advise the Vice President for Student Affairs in the appointment of the Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life.



            Section A  -  Enumeration

The membership of this body shall consist of:

1.         Two undergraduate students appointed by the President of the Student Government Association;

2.         One graduate student appointed by the President of the Graduate Student Government;

3.         The President of Student Entertainment Events or designee;

4.         Five at-large students (none shall be faculty, associative staff, or classified staff) representative of the diverse student population (at least one of whom shall be of graduate status serving as a representative of the graduate student body and one of whom shall an active member of a cultural student organization housed in the Union);

5.         Two faculty members;
6.         One representative of the Alumni Association;

7.         One member of the Exempt or Non-Exempt staff;

8.         The Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life, ex officio, without vote;

9.         The representative from Campus Programs of Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life or designee, ex officio, without vote;

10.       The Associate Director for Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life or designee, ex officio, without vote;

11.       The representative from Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy or designee, ex officio, without vote;

12.       Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all are voting members.

Section B  -  Terms of Office

1.         The student Board members shall each serve a one-year term; but shall not be precluded from reappointment for future one-year terms.

2.         Faculty and staff appointees shall each serve a two-year term with terms ending on alternating years; but shall not be precluded from reappointment for a future two-year term.

3.         It is expected that each member will attend all regular meetings and participate actively in committees of the Board.  Two absences per semester without prior notice will call for review of continued membership by the Board.

4.         All new Board members shall take office at the first meeting following their selection and shall serve for the remainder of the academic year.  Anticipated vacancies for future semesters should be filled at the end of the previous semester.



            Section A  -  Enumeration

1.         The officers of the Board shall be Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Executive Secretary.  The Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall be elected from among the student members of the Board and shall not be a chair of a standing committee.  These officers shall be known as the Executive Committee.

Section B  -  Methods of Selection

1.         The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Standing Committee Chairs shall be elected by ballot by a simple majority vote of Board members present and voting.

2.         The Chairperson shall be elected at the end of the Spring Semester.  Other officers shall be elected at the beginning of the Fall Semester.

3.         The Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life shall be the Executive Secretary of the Board.

Section C  -  Terms of Office

1.         All Executive Committee members and Standing Committee Chairs shall serve one-year terms, but shall not be precluded from reelection to future one-year terms.

Section D  -  Duties

1.         The Chairperson shall develop goals and meeting agendas in consultation with the Director; schedule and chair regular and special meetings of the Board, represent the Board on matters of public interest, and coordinate the work of the Standing Committees and Special Committees that may be appointed.

2.         The Vice Chairperson shall serve in the place of the Chairperson when he/she is unable to fulfill his/her duties due to absence from scheduled meetings or conflicts of interest.

3.         The Executive Secretary shall give due notice of all meetings of the   Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life Board, assist with logistics related to meetings and other Board activities, and maintain suitable records of all meetings and other actions of the Board.



            Section A  -  Meetings

1.         The Board shall meet on a regular schedule.  In general, meetings should be held once or twice per month during the fall and spring semester.

Section B  -  Special Meetings

1.         Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chairperson and shall be called by the Chairperson if one-fourth of the membership of the Board submits and signs such a request in writing.

2.         The only item or items permitted on the agenda of a special meeting shall be those for which the special meeting was specifically called.

Section C  -  Quorum

1.         A simple majority of the voting members of the Board shall constitute a quorum necessary to conduct constitutional business at a regular meeting or to hold a special meeting, except as otherwise provided for herein.

2.         A smaller number may receive reports and declare an adjournment.  Unless modified by the Board, the order of business shall be as follows:

                        1.         Approval of Agenda
2.         Approval of Minutes
3.         Items of Information
4.         Report from the Stamp Director
5.         Reports from Standing Committees
6.         Reports from Special Committees
7.         Old Business
8.         New Business
10.       Announcements

Section D  -  Open Meetings

1.         It shall be the general policy of the Board to keep all meetings open to the press and public, except as specified in Article V, Section D.2 below.

2.         The portion of meeting as described below may be closed to the public and press:

a.         A meeting where the rights of an individual(s) are discussed in an adjudicatory setting, including dismissal, tenure, promotion, sanction and investigation of charges;

b.         A meeting where contractual negotiations are in process;

c.         A meeting where law suits, other legal negotiations, and acquisition of real property are considered;

d.         A meeting directly relating to campus security or to the safety of students or staff;

e.         A meeting where matters which, if discussed in public would be likely to affect adversely the reputation of any person, such as decisions on appointment or dismissal of an employee or officer, or to hear testimony on a complaint lodged against an employee or officer to determine its validity, but no final action may be taken at a closed session.

3.         At any time during Executive Session, any Board member may move to terminate the Executive Session on the grounds that:

a.         The topic under consideration is of sufficient concern to the general public as to warrant an open hearing;

b.         The topic under consideration does not fall under any of the classifications enumerated in Article V, Section D.2 above.



            Section A  -  Student Entertainment Events

1.         The Stamp Advisory Board shall maintain a special on-going relationship with Student Entertainment Events (SEE) as the means of ensuring an appropriate level of programming is offered in the Stamp.  This relationship shall be one which accommodates the need for the programming group to have autonomy in its day to day operations but with appropriate oversight and evaluation, particularly as it relates to funding provided at the recommendation of the Stamp Advisory Board.  The purpose of the relationship is to ensure a rich level of programming in the Stamp.

2.         According to its mission, Student Entertainment Events (SEE) is a dynamic student organization that sponsors diverse concerts, comedy, lectures, and cultural events designed to entertain and educate the University of Maryland-College Park community.  Dedicated to maintaining professional standards in its sponsored events and in the services offered to other student organizations, SEE takes pride in providing practical training to its staff and members in the planning, promotion, and production of events.

3.         The SEE President or his/her designee shall be a voting member on the Stamp Advisory Board.

Section B  -  Standing Committees

1.         Enumeration

            There shall be the following standing committees of the Board:

            a.         Committee on Building Utilization

b.         Committee on Finances and Services

2.         Method of Selection

            Members of all standing committees shall be appointed by the Chairperson with the advice and consent of the Board.

3.         The Chairperson of each standing committee shall be elected by the Board.

4.         Duties:

a.         The Committee on Building Utilization shall familiarize itself with and recommend to the Board policies pertaining to the utilization of space and facilities of the Stamp, including but not limited to space allocations, space reservations, and general facilities, utilization such as leafleting, vending of publications, solicitation of contributions, display of banners, flags, or other such devices within or upon the Stamp building.  The Committee shall be advised by the Assistant Director for Operations of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life.

b.         The Committee on Finances and Services shall familiarize itself with and recommend to the Board policies pertaining to the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life, relative to budget, fees, rentals, University subsidies, services income and expenses, revenue and non-revenue services, food service, bookstore, recreational services, and educational services.  This committee shall also review the annual request for funding from Student Entertainment Events and make recommendations to the Board for action.  This committee shall be advised by the Associate Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union – Center for Campus Life.

Section C  -  Special Committees

With the advice and consent of the Board, the Chairperson of the Board
may establish special committees of the Board to perform such duties 
as the Board may from time to time direct.


            Section A  -  Reference

All business coming before the Board shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Parliamentary Procedure.  Revised, except as modified by the Board.

Section B  -  Form

All motion, resolutions, or other propositions, except for short procedural motions, shall be made in writing before being voted on.