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Stamp Star

Stamp STARs of the Month are staff members that excel in carrying out the mission and vision (see below) of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union in a manner that is fitting of special recognition. Emphasis is placed on individuals who excel in a pattern of exceptional work over a period of time. This award is meant to honor an extended level of contribution to the organization.

Nominations are solicited from the greater Adele H. Stamp Student Union community each month. There is no limit to the number of nominations that one individual can make. There is a limit of five awards that can be given out each month (one to a graduate student staff member and two each to full/part-time staff and student staff). There is no limit to the number of times an individual can be recognized as a Stamp STAR of the Month.

The Adele H. Stamp Student Union Vision
Transforming and enriching the Maryland experience.

The Adele H. Stamp Student Union Mission
To provide a safe and inviting campus center where all UM students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members cultivate lifelong relationships founded on engagement, learning, multiculturalism, and citizenship.

The Stamp Star nomination process opens six times during the fall and spring semesters. Staff members will be contacted via email about nomination procedures. 

October 2018 Winners

Image not found Nomination #1:
 Charlene has tirelessness taken on giant project after giant project this fall, doing the heavy lifting when it comes to communicating some of our biggest and most important messages to out students and the campus community at large. From All Niter to Homecoming to Veterans celebrations and special visit collateral, she has made sure our messages are resonant (and gorgeous), all while playing a pivotal role in supervising new student staff members. 
Nomination #2:
For consistently delivering excellent design under the most challenging deadlines with a consistently positive attitude and commitment to customer service, Charlene embodies what it means to be a STAMP Star. Her work in just the beginning of the semester alone already reflects such a high level of skill and multimedia execution along with volume over-and-above expectations: Big 10 Union Directors Conference, All Niter, Homecoming, Welcome to Maryland for TOCSL, MLead and more. She also is quick to share her knowledge and is a natural teacher/mentor for all the students in our Marketing office. 

Image not found Nomination #1:
Sarah has served on the Community Building Committee for several years, and finally has seen one of her visions come to life: STAMP Accomplishments. While several staff have helped implement this initiative, it wouldn't have started if it weren't for Sarah's strong belief in recognizing the good work of her colleagues. It's about time SHE is recognized for HER good work! 
Nomination #2:
Sarah is a dynamic individual who is a true advocate for her graduate students. She is so attentive to her students needs and great at active listening, all great qualities which make her an amazing advocate for students. She was very professional and organized during Grad Student Kick Off. All of the volunteers seemed to be put to effective use. I really appreciated the volunteer feedback survey she sent out afterwards, which made me feel she really cares to improve her programs and the experiences for students in the Stamp. Sarah is such a caring staff member who is always willing to lend a hand. She is someone who I know I can count on. She is also one of those members in the Stamp who volunteers, and double up on volunteers at event shifts like at the Terp Carnival. Sarah is an incredible asset to Engagement and the Stamp and we are so lucky to have her.

Image not found Kamrie has provided exceptional hard work and dedication to her position, in a short period of time.  Kamrie started her position In August with no direct supervisor.  While there were full-time staff helping to cover the responsibilities of the vacant position, we needed Kamrie to do more than anticipated to help continue to meet the needs of all our clients.  Kamrie has stepped up and performed  extremely well.   She has gone above and beyond to fulfil her responsibilities and more.  I have appreciated your her willingness to just jump in and do what was needed.  She has picked up our software programs quickly. She has not hesitated to work with a wide variety of clients, and has helped supervise student employees.  She has used her past programming skills and experiences to help our clients plan their best programs in the Stamp. Event & Guest Services would not have been able to  continue to meet the needs of our clients without Kamrie's hard work and her dedication.   

Image not found Nomination #1:
Camille has excelled in her work as a Guest Services Assistant. She has demonstrated a very positive attitude and professional performance, always warm, helpful, and responsible while working at the Info Desk and the Ticket Office. At the same time, she's gone above and beyond to help train the new staff, and coordinate schedules with other colleagues.
Nomination #2:
Camille has been an invaluable part of our team this semester with the hiring and training of 12 new employees.  Camille has worked one-on-one with each new employee to make sure that they learned the basics of the Information Desk (which is a ton of information and resources); and that the new staff felt welcomed and comfortable with their new positions.  Camille is a positive force within our staff and it shows on every shift that she works through her smile and genuine interactions with coworkers and customers!  Thank you Camille for everything that you do for us!

Image not found Jordan is deserving of the STAMP Star Award because she is doing a phenomenal job as one of SORC's Student Managers. Her main responsibility is managing SORC's Communications Channels: posting on our social media accounts and compiling and disseminating the bi-weekly SORC newsletter, something she is excelling at. Additionally, she was one of the students who took the lead in decorating the Student Involvement Suite for Homecoming. Jordan has gone above and beyond as one of our Managers!


Image not found Denise is the quiet leader on our team. She consistently supports all of her team members as a volunteer
for events, through cards to say thank you and celebrate special holidays, or through checkins each time
she is in the office. Denise goes out of her to show up at early morning hours and during evening events
to support her colleagues and friends. All this while she is running a successful rental business, acting as
the liaison for the Stamp to 14 Chaplains, and creating developmental and well organized training and
structure for her undergraduate student event managers. Denise does everything with a smile on her face
and a genuine interest in helping to always make someone's day a bit brighter. Over the past couple of months Denise has organized large events in the Chapel for outside departments focusing on the interfaith nature of the Chapel. She is also a member of quite a few university wide committees
supporting diversity work on campus. She continuously supports each Chaplaincy and student of faith
that comes through her door by rearranging her time to talk through an event, plan a service, or connect
folks with the departments they need. She has been a part of successful grant applications and continues
to look for donors for a large project in the Chapel, restoration of a Pipe Organ. While many of us might
complain about meetings and after hour events, Denise sees each of those as a way to connect with
colleagues and learn a bit more about their part of our campus. She loves to talk to new students at every
orientation about the Memorial Chapel and is one of the few morning people that consistently shows up to volunteer shifts with a smile and ready to help. Her spirit and smile inspires everyone she encounters and I am grateful for her.

Image not found Dan is an unsung hero in many ways. Dan makes sure that the Stamp "keeps going" everyday, dealing with every little issue, and the major ones too! He is constantly upbeat and brings that attitude to those who are stressed! He is always trying to think outside the box to allow for the best possible outcome and wants to help make your day better! While he does all that, he is also a champion for all Stamp
employees, especially those in his department. He is always trying to make sure those in Facilities are
recognized and feel appreciated! Thank you Dan for all you do!

Image not found Susan has been phenomenal in her work with VSL through a period of transition, maintaining
both her normal job responsibilities while also serving as the PI for the Veteran's Needs
Assessment which solicited the voices of all veteran and military affiliated students on campus.
She drafted the survey and supplemental IRB documents, advertised the effort to students,
secured grant funding to offer additional incentives, and has been working to analyze the data
and draft a set of recommendations for VSL moving forward. She has also served as an active
member of the STAMP Research Team, pitching in to assist with transcription and summary
creation, as well as interviewing students when a another member had to take maternity leave.
She has an excellent attitude and approach to problems that make her an amazing and
dedicated colleague!

Image not found Nomination 1: During a time of transition and plenty of work in this involvement area, Alexis has
put in large efforts to ensuring programs are successful and consistently providing support to an
appreciative Graduate Coordinator. She is dependably helpful and does the additional work with
clear enthusiasm. Even when faced with potential obstacles, she finds solutions that meet the
intended goal.
Nomination 2: Alexis has been an asset to MICA and the Stamp from the moment she walked through
the door last year. The open and honest interactions Alexis has with her colleagues, peers and guests to
the Stamp often result in folks having a greater sense of awareness, particularly around multiculturalism
and engagement. She served on the Fall Pepsi Board and provided valuable feedback on how students
and groups could improve proposals for their important programs to be potentially supported by this fund.
She provided the perfect touch of encouragement and creativity during the Stamp Student Employee
Orientation’s “Sing Diversity” workshop which broke the ice and allowed the over 50 student employees to work collaboratively and produce a song that reflects their views on campus climate. Alexis coordinated and initiative called S.A.A.W. (Student Activism Awareness Week) which lasted from Oct 30 th – Nov 3 rd. This was a collaboration with student groups, Stamp programs and campus units that provided student and staff opportunities to participate in discussions around the history of activism at UMD, politics, cultural appropriation and mental health. Alexis took the lead to develop and implement a White Allyship Workshop. Through her efforts she obtained funding support from the UMD chapter of the NAACP, The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion to host this program in the Colony Ballroom of the Stamp where over 60 participants (including many leaders from Greek organizations) were able to engage in conversation on topics such as privilege, micro-aggressions, the NFL anthem protests, marginalized communities and racial climate as a whole. In addition, Alexis demonstrates passion in cultivating networks through her work in multiracial student involvement areas. Her peer collaborators sing praise about her work, dedication, and effort in all of her shared projects. Alexis is deeply committed to creating positive change to the point where transforming and enriching the lives of those around her seems to be second nature. The work she has done exemplifies what being a Stamp Star is all about.

Image not found Elvis came to us via the Federal Work study program in the Fall and has become a trusted and admired
student member of our staff. Elvis completes any job asked of him and demonstrates a 'work is work & philosophy no matter the task . Elvis is a true asset to the afternoon and weekend shifts and diligently assisted with special projects over the January winter break.
Elvis takes pride in his work and show an eagerness to learn new things. We are so proud to have a
student like Elvis working in our department. He is a star in the eyes of the Facilities staff and we wanted
to recognize the strong work ethic and reliable performance Elvis consistently demonstrates in this
Stamp-wide format. Elvis has entered the building!

Image not found Nomination 1: Niklas approaches every Help Desk issue with a positive attitude and stays with
the problem until it is fixed. I am consistently impressed with his willingness to go the extra mile
to make sure that all equipment is working properly and that we understand what is up next in
the process. Nik is very deserving of the Stamp Star recognition.
Nomination 2: Nik literally defines what it means to show exemplary customer service. I have worked with him when we have had some pretty demanding customers and he's always able to maintain composure and poise on the job. Additionally, Nik is very punctual and on-time with all of our setups and cleanups which keeps the office running smooth. If there is one person from Stamp IT who deserves this award, it is without a doubt Nik.
Despite the overwhelming amount of work that everyone has to do, Nik consistently finds ways to help his co-workers and conduct his work in a timely manner. His willingness to assist others and his commitment to providing exceptional customer service is above average. We have an assessment process that technicians are required to complete at the end of their shifts. Since the implementation of this process he has completed 100% of the reports! The tasks help to keep the office and service our customers better for their events and computer needs. He is super proactive. We can completely rely on Nik to complete the task with enthusiasm and heart.
Not once have I heard one negative comment about him. Everyone on staff thinks he is awesome and
loves working with him. Both in the IT office and staff outside our office. He motivates other student
workers to get the job done with his presence. It is a great pleasure to nominate and recognize his
outstanding service at Stamp!


Image not found Devin was one of my integral team members to pull off the Homecoming Terp Carnival. Under supervision, she managed (communicated prior to the event, mapped them to the mall, and incorporated Maryland details to enhance the overall experience) five different vendors whose services over $10,000. Devin also worked tirelessly to manage various events of the All Niter AND perform a 15 minute routine at the Annual Step Show. Devin was also responsible for curating and following the budget for the popular Drag Bingo (All Niter) and raffle prizes of the Terp Carnival raffle totaling $6500. Devin also had to take on additional programmatic responsibilities when a member of my team left the position unexpectedly. Devin rose to the challenges and has been a brilliant event planner, not sure what this semester would  have looked like without Devin;s work. I am incredibly grateful for her attention to detail, dependability, and her commitment to always get the job done. She is an absolute rock star and my eyes and hopefully she looks like a star in yours.

Image not found I am nominating Katie for the December Stamp Star award because she has displayed a lot of initiative, support, and positive attitude in the workplace. Katie recently was offered an opportunity to take on more responsibilities having a hybrid position with HR and the Business Office. In her new role aside from providing customer service to visitors on the 3rd floor, she also now enters month- end-statement data into correct excel files and enters P/T card log data into correct excel files. She has been genuine, a team player and provided excellent customer service in this new role. Her focus, respect and care for the work that we do on the 3rd floor is amazing. Katie's level of engagement is incredible and she is always offering others her help, whether it's with how responsive she is or willingness to cover others shifts.

Image not found Danica stepped into a very challenging role supporting 5 different involvement areas this
past semester. Danica has not just met our expectations, but exceeded them with her level of
professionalism, personable approach and attention to detail. Meeting the demands of such a diverse and challenging portfolio is not an easy task, but Danica has managed to make it look easy. We are so happy that Danica has joined the MICA family; she is truly an asset.

Image not found Casey has truly transformed the Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life
area and the Transfer2Terp class. She is a dedicated, passionate advocate for transfer and commuting students. She continually goes above and beyond for every single student that she comes in contact with. She wrote lesson plans for instructors and designed a training for new instructors after seeking support from the Teaching and Learning Center and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Casey is also a strong proponent for assessment and is in the beginning stages of creating a 5 year anniversary project for the Transfer2Terp program. She is presenting at the National Institute for Transfer Studies this coming February. She continues to be a visible presence on the national stage for transfer student success.

Casey is also a strong supervisor who believes that graduate students should be able to pursue
professional development opportunities in their assistantship and she finds ways to encourage that in all interactions. Casey also brought back the engagement and learning student assistant position this semester and created a dynamic, creative, and well-rounded team. She continually seeks out their feedback in order to not only make their experience better but also improve the transfer student experience as a whole. Besides all of this Casey is the consummate team player. She volunteers regularly for more than one shift at events. She is always the first to ask if any of her teammates need assistance with set up or clean up even if that is an additional volunteer shift. She never expects thanks or congratulations for the great work she does but I think she deserves it. She has been such a breathe of fresh air for the transfer student population and continues to bring enthusiasm and commitment to success to every project she takes on. We are lucky to have her as a team member and passionate advocate for students.

Image not found 1st nomination: Charlene is amazing and not more so than with her work on our Veterans Week and
Veterans Reception this November. Not only is she creative and really good at what she does but she is also one of the kindest colleagues to work with. She is a consummate team player and yet is also in her element when she can take an idea and run with it. She managed to bring all of our Veterans programs together with her marketing scheme and everyone had very complimentary remarks about the theme this year. She listens to feedback, incorporates ideas from everyone, and manages to come up with amazing solutions. Not to mention that she does all this on a short deadline and in good humor! I am in awe of her talents and her commitment to the Stamp and the programs we are all so proud of.

2nd nomination: Charlene embodies the STAMP mission to transform and enrich the Maryland experience. Year after year, she has proactively developed ways to provide a rich, experiential learning environment for both our design students and Street Team student staff. Thanks to her, we now have a more streamlined and structured process to encourage student development, skills building, effective communications and much more. Her mentorship continues to be sought after by every cycle of students who come to work with STAMP Marketing, not only because of her knowledge but because of the way she is able to connect with students that engenders trust and inclusion. Charlene has also been the primary designer for the updated STAMP directories, which will be the basis for an enhanced STAMP way finding digital signage system, providing all visitors with better, clearer access to all the spaces in the building. Her efforts to create a more welcoming environment and engaged community can also be seen in her active participation on numerous inter-unit and inter-departmental teams. She has been a constant performer/cheerleader for STAMP at each year, Student Affairs Celebration events. Simply stated, she is the ultimate team player who reminds me how lucky we are to come to work each day inspired by people like her who are committed and enthusiastic about their role in shaping a positive culture at STAMP.

October 2017 stamp star winners

Image not found TerpZone
Kim is one of my most conscientious and hardest working employees. She has become incredibly knowledgeable (and invaluable!) in her position. Any time I need assistance she is willing to go above and beyond to help. In the limited time she has worked at TerpZone, she has become an integral part of making it successful. Since she has taken over our social media accounts she has nearly doubled our Twitter followers and TerpZone has seven times the amount of Instagram followers! She’s been incredible!

Image not found Event and Guest Services (Event Support)
James has done an amazing job starting as one of our new Event Support Managers. He has picked up his new responsibilities quickly and been able to provide that high level of service that I expect from all of my managers. James really stepped up during the All-Nighter and took the lead to make sure everything was in place in order for a successful event. James handled the numerous last minute changes with a smile and went out of his way to make sure everything was good to go. James always keeps staff morale high and even on that night, kept the staff in good spirits even though they had to unexpectedly stay until almost 3am here in the building flipping a room for the next day. James is very deserving for Stamp Star for his continued dedication and leadership among our staff. 

Image not found Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life
Stephanie serves as an Engagement and Learning Assistant, where she assists with TOCSL events and serves as a peer mentor. Stephanie embodies the mission of Stamp Student Union through her work in the TOCSL office and has consistency gone above and beyond her duties to ensure that transfer and off-campus students feel welcome, are engaged, and have a sense of community. In serving as a peer mentor to new transfer students, she has done a great job going out of her way to listen to them and provide advice and resources to help these students with their transition to UMD. She even met with one of her peer mentees on a Saturday (outside of her work hours), because she felt that having weekend engagement was what the student needed most. Outside of her position, she decided to informally set up a game night specifically for transfer students; so that transfer students could feel a sense of community in a casual setting. Even though this is not connected to her work at TOCSL, this level of commitment to ensuring that students have a positive transition is an example of Stephanie's commitment to student engagement and to the transfer and off-campus community. We are very lucky to have Stephanie as a part of our office and our students benefit greatly from her caring nature and enthusiasm for UMD. In asking her how she has enjoyed working for TOCSL so far, Stephanie indicated that working for TOCSL and the Stamp Student Union and giving back to the transfer community will be one of her highlights of her UMD career. 

Image not found Art and Learning Center
Annie is a Graduate Assistant within the ALC and a doctoral student Peace Studies Concentration within the International Education and Policy program. These past few months she has served as the face of the ALC during a time of  vacancy in the unit. Annie is timely with forms, personable and responsible supervisor and always has great energy. Annie has truly helped out in this interim time and deserves the stamp star for this month. 

Image not found Human Resources
Kalia has been very welcoming, friendly, attentive and has truly helped many transition into their positions smoothly since the start of the semester. She is always open to new ideas, feedback and questions. I have seen Kalia this past month deal with conflict with grace and truly be a role model for the unit. Her door is always open and she is always willing to help others, for example helping folks consider higher education or having teachable moments with student staff.

Image not found Jackie has been an amazing advocate and cheerleader for the TerpZone, and has dove in head first in her role as Coordinator. During her short time in this role, I've already noticed the TerpZone's brand on campus becoming stronger. At First Look Fair, the TerpZone table consistently had a long line of students waiting for their chance to win a prize. In exchange for spinning the prize wheel, students had to show they followed the TerpZone on social media; I can only imagine the spike in number of followers she saw after both days of First Look Fair. Additionally, I've never heard such a buzz around lanyards like I have around the TerpZone lanyards. Jackie is committed to doing her best and wants the TerpZone to succeed. She went to Bowling School in May to learn more about running a bowling facility as well as how to troubleshoot when there are problems. She's freshened up the candy, snacks, and soda concessions in the TerpZone, and sales have increased substantially. We're happy to have Jackie on our team.

December 2016 Stamp Star Winners

Image not found Leadership and Community Service-Learning

1. Sophie has worked tirelessly to help expand the TerpService Programs this year. We received almost double the number of applications we had over the past two years. When I found a new system for interviewing potential volunteers just a week or two before our applications were due Sophie took it under her preview to implement the system in such a short turn around. With her help in this process we interviewed almost 110 applicants in just a couple of short weeks!

In addition to Sophie’s help with the interview process she is always willing to take on extra work whenever the team needs it. I’ve never heard the word no come out of Sophie’s mouth! Even when I have offered to take things off her plate so that she can focus on exams she’s always taking initiative to get things done. For our first TerpService Day with over 40 participants Sophie was one of the first people there, had everything organized, and was great at getting our logistics portion completed. After we’d had staff members at the first two TerpService Days, Sophie kindly told me our presence was no longer needed! The students would be able to handle these events on their own!

Because Sophie’s responsibilities are focused on logistics they are often behind the scenes and not applauded. Because of this I think it would mean the world to Sophie to win this award and show how much we appreciate both the behind the scenes aspect of making our programs run and also the type of proactive effort she has shown.

2. Sophie is an outstanding member of the TerpService team. She works hard, is proactive, and goes above and beyond what she is asked. She also demonstrates a dedication to the mission of our office and our program an keeps that motivation with her as we approach the work that we do. She is a good example of the best kind of intern a program can have: dedicated and willing to learn!

Image not found Leadership and Community Service Learning

1. I'm happily nominating Ben to be a Stamp Star for his tireless devotion to the Maryland LEAD Program. Ben is responsible for the development of the facilitators in our program, and he works to make M-Lead the best it can be on a daily basis. He is one of the most positive and caring students I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He consistently executes difficult projects to a very high quality, all the while being one of the first people to offer to help the rest of the team out! His passion for the ideals and values of the Stamp Student Union are noticed by all, and I believe he will continue to make a fantastic mark in College Park!

2. This year, Maryland LEAD has had almost a complete staff turnover. Throughout this process, Ben has been a guiding light and constant source of encouragement. When I first met him this summer, it was through a computer screen. He was skyping into our staff meeting while studying abroad in Germany staying up late on Monday evenings to ensure he was engaged in our community even from abroad. Upon his return, Ben promptly greeted all of our new staff with a hug and positivity. Ben has also been a creative source of innovation within our program, proposing unique solutions to problems and creating new initiatives. One such initiative is exit interviews for all returning student leaders as well as those who have decided not to continue. He then condensed this wealth of information into tangible steps to take to improve our community of learning next semester. In addition, Ben has taken the time to meet with each of our 30+ facilitators one-on-one to get to know them and their thoughts on the program. Outside of M-LEAD, Ben has been engaged in MOSAIC and Alternative Breaks within the Stamp and is a dedicated student as well. He never shies away from an opportunity or a challenge, and always has a smile or encouraging word to share with his colleagues. Ben has truly transformed the Maryland experience for other student leaders with his positive presence and insightful vision, in addition to creating inclusive spaces for each of our facilitators.

3. Ben is incredibly dedicated to the work that he does with M-LEAD and the development of our program leads and facilitators. He provides wonderful leadership in welcoming, training, and supporting new additions to our team. Ben consistently takes initiative and thinks critically about the work that we are doing and how we can continue to better our program and the experience of each member of our team. He manages to keep the entire team organized, informed, and on the same page. His hard-work and dedication to the purpose of Maryland LEAD has never wavered. Even as a professional staff member Ben has been there to answer any questions I may have along the way. The work that he does is greatly appreciated and he is very deserving of recognition for all the contributions he makes to M-LEAD, LCSL, and the Stamp.

Ben has an incredible work ethic and has done a great job this year managing training and feedback for peer facilitators. After designing and executing the fall leadership retreat, Ben was incredibly receptive to staff feedback and he consistently seeks way to improve. Every week he sends engaging emails to the staff with funny memes and brings the same fun spirit to staff meetings but he always contributes in thoughtful ways. You can always count on Ben to approach any task with positivity and he is always willing to offer help or step up to the plate.

Image not found Leadership and Community Service Learning

1. In Quincy's first semester as a GA for Maryland LEAD, she has become an incredible leader and shining star on our staff team. Since the last Stamp Star, she has successfully planned, implemented, facilitated, and assessed 2 MLEAD programs including the signature Maryland Leadership Conference and the brand new Maryland Leadership Advance. For Conference, her efforts led to accomplishing our target number of participants, going above our target number of sponsorships, and having an unprecedented retention rate of student participants. Being new to her role, these programs, and the student leaders didn't cause Quincy any hesitation in quickly forming relationships and trust among the peer educator team she oversees, or in autonomously researching, reviewing and critiquing program curriculum and assessment data. She figures out what needs to be done, who to ask, and how to best communicate next steps to keep everyone informed and moving forward. Quincy is someone who not only leads those she supervises but also leads "across" to her peer graduate assistants and "up" to myself as her supervisor. She consistently volunteers to take on new projects or challenges that would help her grow personally and professionally. Quincy is a constant source of positivity, support and initiative on our team. One aspect that I have been most impressed with would be Quincy's ability to recognize and assess areas for improvement or intervention and effectiveness in delivering feedback to others or for herself.

2. Since I joined LCSL in mid-August, Quincy has consistently shown leadership as a member of the Maryland LEAD Program. She takes initiative and is thoughtful and reflective when it comes to her work with the students that we serve and analyzing ways to make our program more meaningful. She makes an extra effort to connect with and recognize the student leaders that we work with by presenting them with individualized thank yous after each program. We can always count on Quincy to see things through and work through obstacles that come her way with creativity and thoughtfulness. She shows a constant willingness to learn and grow as a person and as a professional by challenging herself through taking on unfamiliar tasks, giving presentations, professional development, and getting out of her comfort zone. She has established herself as an indispensable part of our team, while keeping focus on our program's purpose, her role as an educator, and being a support for the students that we work with. Quincy is a star on our team and very deserving of the Stamp Star Award!

3. In her first semester, Quincy has grown so much and I think she's been such a wonderful addition to the Maryland LEAD program. During a tough transition, she was able to make meaningful changes to the Maryland Leadership Conference, was instrumental in the implementation of Maryland Leadership Advance, and has built strong relationships with our student interns and facilitators. She has organized a new plan to invigorate M-LEAD's social media presence and has seen tremendous results. Her creative approach to leadership will surely benefit the M-LEAD program over the next 18 months!

Image not found I would like to nominate the ENTIRE Stamp IT staff for the Stamp Star Award for their work, diligence, and persistence in getting all of the Student Involvement Suite technology equipment and software installed on-time under very difficult and extenuating circumstances. Since the new Student Involvement Suite had a planned opening for just before fall semester, we had decided to contract out the purchase and installation of all technology related equipment and infrastructure to an outside contractor since the Stamp IT staff would be busy getting the rest of the building ready including the training of new student staff. However as we approached the deadlines for installing the equipment that had been purchased, it became evident that the contractor was not going to meet our deadlines. Stephanie and crew quickly switched into their "we can do this ourselves mode" very quickly and began working with University Procurement to severe the relationship with the technology contractor. Much of the equipment had been received, but not all. Some of the equipment that we received was damaged or did not work properly. Stephanie and the IT staff (Wyatt, Rob, Chris, Myco, Colby, et al) begin working with Procurement and the Stamp business office to purchase the necessary missing pieces of equipment independently from the technology contractor. She and the IT staff also developed a plan for the Stamp IT staff to do ALL of the equipment installation. All of this was only a couple of weeks before the opening and the official ribbon cutting. The entire IT staff took the "whatever it takes" attitude and was able to complete the entire technology equipment purchase and install in time for the opening of the SIS. They made it their mission to make sure that the new Stamp "showpiece" was in fact a technological wonder. They came in early, stayed late, and worked on weekends to get it done. The work of Stephanie and her entire staff made it happen like no one else could have...that's why I'm nominating the entire staff for the Stamp Star Award.

Image not found Event and Guest Services Lisa Hegwood is being nominated for Stamp Star due to her spectacular job execution with customer service delivery at the information desk and ticket office areas. The information desk in most cases is the student, parent, alumni, faculty/staff or visitor’s first touch point at Maryland. This first touch interaction has the greatest impact on their overall experience and we rely heavily on Lisa and her team of student staff to deliver high quality customer experience. Lisa hires and trains 10-15 new guest services student staff members during the summer to replace graduating staff or staff members not returning. Lisa has created an exceptional customer service culture; she is always asking “How can I/we help you?” delivered with a warm smile on her face no matter the situation. She is very passionate about providing the absolute best interaction for students, faculty/staff, visitors and alumni. She has instilled patience, attentiveness and the ability to handle surprises with her staff.

October 2016 Stamp Star Winners

Image not found Leadership and Community Service-Learning

1. I am very excited to nominate Allison Corchado for the student Stamp Star award. I feel confident Allison exemplifies all of the wonderful traits your selection committee should be looking for in a Stamp Star award recipient.

Allison started with LCSL as a first year student trying to find her place and voice at the University of Maryland. We lived with us in Holzapfel Hall while the new LCSL office was being constructed. She dove right in and helped support us while in temporary quarters. I observed Allison, engage in the problem solving process, demonstrating an ability to analyze issues, breaking them into their finest points, ultimately making sound decisions as it related to customer service and staff support. What a first impression and semester for Allison and LCSL!

Allison has continued to grow in her role with LCSL and has taken on more complex roles as she has learned about our organization. Allison has not only become the go to person for staff and students as it relates to office management topics but is outstanding at greeting visitor to the office and helping them find their way around the Stamp and campus. She has taken full advantage of the student centered programs offered by LCSL and tabled in many of the experience. One highlight is her selection in to the Leadership Studies minor. Allison has immersed herself in the leadership studies program and will be representing the program at the International Leadership Association conference in November. Allison and two other students will participate in the case competition at the conference.

Allison has consistently taken on more complex responsibilities in her student staff role with LCSL. She became my go to person with the planning process for the BIG Ten Leadership Educators Network summit we hosted in August. She spearheaded many of the logistics elements of the summit. Allison handled this beautifully, employing a style that exuded confidence, creativity and resilience with task that were not always clear. She leaned on her experiences in LCSL and the Stamp to achieve the assignments she was delegated in complete and timely ways. Because of Allison’s work ethic and commitment to excellence the University of Maryland shined brightly in the eyes of our BIG Ten leadership educator visitors.

I have seen Allison in multiple roles and she always demonstrated good judgment. Allison has consistently shows the maturity and self-control that allows her to make mistakes and learn and grow from them. I have always been impressed with her abilities to organize and be motivated to complete even the most mundane and frustrating projects.

As I reflect back on all the students that I have had the opportunity to work with, Allison is by far the cream of the crop. To me, Allison exemplifies all the wonderful skills and experiences that embody what I believe to be a Stamp Star!

2. I have had the pleasure of working with Allison Corchado for the past 4 years and, she continues to amaze me. Watching her grow over the years and become very knowledgeable about LCSL has been a very unique and pleasant journey.

Allison has utilized her LCSL and UMD experience to the fullest and she takes her role very serious as a student assistant. She is no-nonsense and demonstrates passion and commitment to the position. Her strong work ethic, dependability, and dedication to excel in whatever projects or tasks she undertakes shows her maturity beyond her years.

I was absolutely thrilled when Allison indicated her availability to work full-time this summer. I knew without a doubt that the front desk would be well managed and organized and that our staff would be as thrilled as I to learn that Allison would be with us. Needless to say, she did not disappoint us but continued to demonstrate her exceptional skills, outstanding customer service and communication. I received many compliments of the great work that Allison had done working with all program areas in LCSL. She performed tasks from sorting t-shirts to assisting with event planning and signature programs such as Turtle Camp, National Leadership Program, and Alternative Breaks -- all while continuing to be the lead front desk assistant. Allison has the ability to adapt to any unique challenge.

Lastly, Allison demonstrated leadership in promoting LCSL with her positive interactions with students attending UMD Summer Orientation sessions. She passionately shared information about LCSL, its many programs with ease and had a good perspective as a student employee. It is a pleasure and honor to nominate Allison for the Stamp Award.

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Ashley is more than deserving for the Stamp Star Award. She has been an integral part to the success of the Event Support Staff over the past couple of months as we went through a large staff turnover. She took the lead in developing a new and improved student staff training program. She is someone that truly cares about what we do here and works extremely hard to ensure every event here is a success. Ashley is often called upon by colleagues in the Stamp to help with last minute issues regarding events when she is in the building and is someone that I have 100% confidence will make the right decision even in the most stressful of situations. Even in my absence, Ashley took it upon herself to check in with the staff on an almost daily basis to make sure everything was still running smoothly and kept the utmost professional demeanor when communicating with other coordinators and assisting with their event needs. She has taken her leadership role here in the Stamp to the next level and that is why she should be this month’s Stamp Star recipient.

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I am consistently impressed by Catherine's can-do, positive attitude. Since becoming the HR Graduate Assistant in May, she has consistently demonstrated superior drive and balance in her work, even during the crazy first 6 weeks of the semester (training, paperwork, and forms are our lives!). For example, Catherine volunteered for the All-Nighter, without being asked or asking whether or not it should/would contribute toward her hours for the week. I just saw her name on the sign-up sheet one day! It's reasons like this, and many more, that I find her to be a true team player who works to support the mission and vision of HR and the greater Stamp.

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1. Kyle has been heads above other graduate coordinators I have worked with! In the past 5 months he has helped to restart our Summer Terps for Change program, get the largest number of Terps for Change applications this fall that we’ve had in at least the last two years and likely the entire time I’ve been at Stamp, and started thinking about strategic ways to restructure our internship positions to have a great impact on both our student and local communities. One of my primary goals for Kyle when he got here was to help us with marketing and increase our Terps for Change applications. It was through many hours of working with Stamp Marketing, our interns, our coordinators, and spending his own time reaching out to campus partners that Kyle made this goal a success. In the last two years the most applications we’ve received for Terps for Change in a single semester was 65. This year with his help we received 109! This is up almost 68% over any semester that we have records for. In addition to his hard work on marketing, Kyle is easy going and flexible and always willing to lend a hand – including showing up for a shift a grad kickoff when he wasn’t required to and helping to plan the LCSL Advance just a month after arriving! I would love to be able to honor the talents, time, and dedication he has shown to TerpService, LCSL, and the Stamp by giving him a Stamp Star award.

2. I am very excited to nominate Kyle Kastler, graduate coordinator for LCSL-Terp Service. Kyle, joined LCSL in the summer after returning from an extended stay internationally. He jump right into his assistantship and took on working with our summer service day’s program. Kyle’s style enabled our student coordinators to take ownership for the program design, community partner outreach and curriculum development for the reflection component of each service day. He empowered the student coordinators through intention and focus on developing their skills and efficacy to lead their peers at the service site. He instilled in the coordinators the value of striving to meet our community partners articulated needs. Kyle embodies a caring focus with a heighten sensitivities to maximize students learning.

As I observed Kyle’s learner center style I knew he had something special to share with the LCSL Staff. I reached out to Kyle to help partner with me to plan the LCSL Advance (retreat). I was very impressed with his professionalism and maturity as we designed the Advance curriculum. He never shied away from asking questions and clarifications to better understand what we were striving for the staff to experience and learn. Kyle took on facilitating a conversation among the five LCSL coordinators and me. He guided us through a well design set of probing questions and facilitated the interplay among the coordinators, graduate and student staff with confidence and ease. He was able to accommodate space for free flowing discussion among the group and clarity when he needed to focus the conversation. Wow… what a Stamp Star! Kyle Kastler jumped into his new graduate coordinator role with confidence and a sprinkle of vulnerability. He showed a healthy respect for what he did not know and a willingness to learn and challenge with equal passion. We are so fortunate to have a professional like Kyle join the LCSL office and I believe his first few months have been exceptional and worthy of a Stamp Star!

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1. I share a lot with Cori, and so we have found many days that are marked by laughter, but more often with her wisdom and guidance. Though she has only been at the Stamp for a few years, she knows a great deal of the networks that flow through this campus to bring it to life. She is always ready to talk to new students, and can parse through their nervousness with her kindness and ability to listen and see the ways they can contribute to the campus community. Cori is one of those people who sees the potential in others, long before they see it themselves. As a consensus leader she brings in the labor of many to best serve the campus in unique and inviting ways. I can always rely on her for an honest and thorough answer, and even if she doesn't know it, she always knows someone who does. That is because people gravitate towards her, as I have! Thank you Cori, for making the days here feel like being home, and being part of the Stamp Family!

2. No one deserves the Stamp Star Award more than Donna Lim. She has been a blessing for SEE taking over the role while I have been on maternity leave. A type A, semi-micromanager like myself doesn’t like to give up control that much but when it came time for little Molly Hood to come, Donna stepped in (literally texted me while I was in labor saying “we got this”) and took over. I had total confidence that SEE was in great hands and would have a successful beginning of the year. Donna has brought her own experience as the SEE advisor and her years of student development experience to work with a diverse group of highly motivated students within SEE. She especially was integral this past Homecoming when at the last minute SEE decided to change venues. She helped the students navigate the change, re organized the timeline and much more so that a sold out crowd in Ritchie could enjoy the comedians on campus. A lot of people worked hard this month but Donna deserves some recognition for her role as SEE Advisor.

Image not found Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy

Building a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant campus community is one of many important things we do through our work in the Stamp. A colleague who has helped to lead the way in fostering this community is Yvette Lerma Jones. This past month Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) has been particularly impressive with regard to the rich array of programs and events for sponsored by numerous student organization and campus units. This year’s theme, Unity Communities without Walls, is so timely given recent national events. Yvette worked very closely with her students to emerge a theme that would create much needed conversation helping students better understand what’s happening in the world around them and what their roles can be in creating social change.

As is this isn’t impressive enough, this past month Yvette has also made it a practice of going well beyond the call for duty when it comes to supporting students and the Stamp. For Yvette, All hands on Deck volunteer assignments are not just "two hour" commitments. On many occasions such as the Stamp All-niter, Homecoming Terp Carnival, and the Student Leaders Celebration, I’ve noticed that Yvette seems to be always present, standing ready to help out even when her volunteer assignment has ended. An example of her standing ready to help out was during the the Homecoming Student Leaders Celebration. A UMD family visiting campus had learned that the location for a meeting they were planning to attend had changed from the Atrium in the Stamp to the UMUC Marriott. Yvette knew that the rain, distance to the hotel and the fact that the family was traveling with a large platter of food was going to make their trek to the new meeting location not very enjoyable. So, what did Yvette do? She didn’t give the family driving directions, nor did she help them track down an umbrella for the rain. Yvette went searching for the keys to the Stamp Golf Cart and DROVE the family over to the Marriott so that they could make it to their meeting dry, on-time and in good spirits. Time and again, our colleague has truly shown how she embodies the spirit of Stamp and has clearly demonstrated the many ways she has gone above and beyond the call of duty. What better way to recognize her tireless commitment to our students and the Stamp than by awarding her with a Stamp Star.