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Award of Excellence

The annual Award of Excellence is given to employees who go above and beyond in their positions each and every day. This award is based on the following criteria:

    • Quality of the candidate’s work, including level of energy and enthusiasm committed to the job
    • Contributions to the accomplishment of the mission and goals of the Stamp
    • Contributions to the sense of a team in the Stamp
    • Demonstrated commitment to quality customer service

The award is given to one Stamp employee in each of the following categories:

    • Undergraduate Student
    • Graduate Student
    • Full-Time & Part-Time Staff

The Award of Excellence has been created in the honor of Dr. James Osteen. Dr. Osteen served as the Director of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union from 1986 to 2004 and then went on to become the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.  Jim joined the University of Maryland community in 1979 as the Director of Campus Activities overseeing several areas that eventually became part of Stamp.  Jim oversaw the $30 million dollar renovation to Stamp and was instrumental in growing the leadership and multicultural program areas.  His wit and sense of humor were cornerstones of his leadership.  We are proud to name the Outstanding Staff awards after Jim who served for so many years as a pillar of the Division of Student Affairs and Stamp.  

The Award of Excellence nomination and voting process opens annually during the middle of the spring semester. Staff members will be contacted via email about nomination and voting procedures. 

Stamp Recognition

Award of Excellence 2018

Image not found This student has been an influential front desk staff member within the Stamp! Their positive energy, bubbly personality and welcoming demeanor are all things that we love about them. As a business major and future EY employee in NYC, this student is enthusiastic about many of the administrative tasks we offer her including her favorite when it involves Microsoft Excel. This is one of those students who is passionate about everything she does and gives it 110%. We have found her to be a terrific colleague in completing large scale projects. Members of our team said the following about this student, “She will continue to tackle the world with her smile and great attitude” and “She is a ray of sunshine in the Administrative Office with her true  embodiment of the stamp customer service commitment.” 

Image not found This graduate assistant always has an incredible smile and energy.  Their commitment to Stamp and their area is evident in the quality of their work.  They consistently work to serve students through thinking about ways to engage them in in utilizing various outreach strategies.  Their personality, energy, and compassion for others is what enables them to foster the Stamp mission in their work to create a safe and inviting place for our students to adjust to campus life. In addition to their normal responsibilities, this individual serves on the Stamp Research Team and we consistently see their name as one of the first volunteers for Stamp-wide events, showing her commitment to her “Stamp” Department beyond her individual unit. 

Image not found As a trusted supervisor and devoted mentor, he has been one of those people that inspires others to act.  He is compassionate and kind. His commitment to equity and inclusion permeates everything he does- from advocating for institutional change to personal connections with colleagues. His passion, energy, and enthusiasm for his work are unmistakable. You only need to talk with him for a short time to understand how deeply he cares for the students and staff that engage in the programs that he works with. He has done an amazing job over the past several years of fostering a sense of team and community throughout the Stamp.

Award of Excellence 2017

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I am happy to nominate Ashley Doyle for the Dr. James Osteen Award of Excellence. Her commitment to her position here as Event Support Manager, her studies and to her service fraternity, shows the qualities and traits deserving of such a high honor. Ever since Ashley started her position here in the Stamp nearly three years ago, she has always been the ultimate team player. She quickly gained the admiration of her peers and was promoted to an Event Support Manager. I have seen Ashley grow into the leader she is now, often stepping in to help with our high profile events and taking on the stressful situations head-on while always maintaining the highest level of service both with our clients and with our professional staff. She has been able to manage quite a heavy course load, in addition to serving in a leadership role in her service fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega) and working for a professional sport team; yet she is still able to dedicate most of her time to improving the operation of the Event Support here at the Stamp. She has been an active leader in revamping and improving our overall fall training for new staff which has led to vast improvement in acclimating our new staff quickly and being able to provide improved service to the events that are hosted here in the Stamp. Ashley is humble in her role, always deflecting praise to the staff she manages. She is extremely organized and has implemented many systems into the day to day operation of Event Support to help the overall operation of the staff. The Event Support Staff often is mentioned as a family, and Ashley has played a huge role in keeping the culture within the staff as such. She often brings in new ideas on how to keep the staff engaged both here at the Stamp and outside of it. She often jokes about how the Stamp is her second home, but that commitment is what sets Ashley apart from others as she truly loves her job here and takes that commitment to customer service to another level. She knows this building in and out and takes pride in the fact that she works here. If you talk to anyone that has had an interaction with Ashley, they will say that she will always greet you with a smile, answer any question you may have and always be ready to assist if needed. She is the ultimate team player and someone that is truly deserving of this award. I am pleased to offer my highest recommendation to Ashley Doyle for this award. In all my years in managing student employees, there are few like her, and she is the type of student employee that this was award was created for.

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It comes with great honor to have the ability to write on behalf of Aaron Anderson. Since the moment I stepped foot on campus in 2013, I have seen Aaron make a substantial impact to our veteran community and the University Community as a whole. Now as a graduate assistant, his service, leadership, and efficiency are hallmark attributes that make him the ideal James Osteen award recipient. Service: Aaron’s service started with an oath as he joined the United States Army, but continues at the University of Maryland. He has been integral in increasing the quality of customer service, bringing more veterans into the fold. He goes above and beyond in his duties as a GA, engaging veterans inside and outside of his work hours. One example of how he does this is by recruiting people to go running on the weekends. He encourages healthy lifestyles, by asking people to do the Saturday Park Runs in College Park, recruited eight people to do the Pat Tillman Shadow Run in DC and four people to do the Marine Corps marathon. This is only one of aspect of the AMAZING things he has promoted. Leadership: When Aaron looks to engage opportunities, he weighs his options and only proceeds forward if he knows he can put forth a quality effort. Often times, students and professionals can be overwhelmed from over commitment tendencies and tend to drop the ball. This skill allows both Aaron and the organization to grow in a symbiotic relationship. He focuses on professional development opportunities and extracurricular activities that will challenge him, while increasing his ability to make a difference. Not only does Aaron search for meaningful opportunities, he also helps to inspire others to follow. I have watched him actively recruit others to participate in different events and resources at the University of Maryland. Dedicated to service, he expands his sphere of influence by working with not only veterans, but also the general student body on his own time. This is evident in his involvement in Alternative Breaks, trying to drum up support for sporting events, volunteering at many signature events on campus, and being the first graduate student trip leader in the Adventure Program. His leadership sets the example for others to follow. Efficiency: Aaron has amazing work-life blend and has expanded his reach across campus. From his initial days on campus to now he maximizes his time and the resources around him. His work a Trip Leader in the Adventure Program sparked great success in our programs. Basically, the Midas touch from his efficiency flows throughout our office and the whole UMD community. In closing, Aaron strikes me as a person with a life-long commitment to serve his community and his nation as he pursues his degree in public policy. I cannot think of a more kind, caring, loving, respectful and intelligent person to be selected for the James Osteen award within our Stamp family. I stand behind Aaron’s character and commitment and am privileged to be able to write on his behalf.

Image not found Courtney Holder has been an exceptional leader for our AB program. Just recently I had occasion to hear her do a presentation for Student Affairs Directors about the AB program and her commitment to student engagement and learning was obvious in the data she shared as well as the learning outcomes that were achieved in this program. Courtney is a quiet leader. This past year she went above and beyond her responsibilities when she not only took on her usual AB portfolio and this growing program that helps to transform students' lives and the communities with whom they work, but she also took on the supervision of our co-curricular leadership area. I am so impressed with the work she did in directing other staff members and in crafting a new vision for this area. In the new fiscal year Courtney will shift to head up this venture and I have every confidence she will do exceptional work. In January I had occasion to watch Courtney support a student in the AB program that had suffered a mental health crisis while he was outside of the country. The care she took with the student, the other members of the AB trip, the family, and the faculty/staff member helping on the trip was so exceptional. She devoted hours to helping to find solutions and she did this with such great care for the people involved. She reached out to the family often and provided not only comfort for them but -- her use of their native language made them feel especially comforted. When the student returned home, Courtney went to his home to check on his well-being. Courtney goes above and beyond her duties, exercising great care and concern, teaching students as she goes, modeling exceptional leadership and programming skills, and always mindful the way in which we can help transform our students lives and the world. I think she is most deserving of this recognition.