Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life

STAMP Go! Reservation Required for Entry to STAMP through Sept. 20

EXTENDED through September 20: StampGo! RESERVATION REQUIRED for Entry into STAMP

Want to visit STAMP during the first few weeks of the Fall 2020 semester? You'll need to make a reservation first!


As we head into an unprecedented semester, we're doing everything we can to keep STAMP clean, safe, and welcoming. Aside from increasing our cleaning schedule, modifying traffic flow, and implementing social distancing protocols, this also involves keeping an eye on how many people are inside our building. In order to maintain a cap of 100 visitors at any given time, we will be instituting a reservation system for visitors to STAMP for the few couple weeks of the Fall 2020 semester. 


We ask that during this time you come into STAMP for your intended purpose only—whether that is to pick up your textbooks for the semester, to grab lunch, or to pick up your #TerrapinSTRONG mask—and promptly leave the building to return to your own living or office space once your business is complete. Thank you for your cooperation as we begin this safe reopening process.


You can find our most up-to-date hours of operation, information about curbside delivery of textbooks and food, and more at


MAKE YOUR RESERVATION by clicking on SIGN UP below.


If you have any issues using the STAMP Go reservation system, please contact or call 301-314-5555.