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Multiracial Leadership Course

HESI 418k

Leadership & Intersecting Identities:

Stories of the MULTI racial/ethnic/cultural Experience


“I am not a little bit of many things;

But I am the sufficient representation of many things.

I am not an incompletion of all these races;

But I am a masterpiece of the prolific.

I am an entirety, I am not a lack of anything;

Rather I am a whole of many things…”

-C. JoyBell C.

Course Description

*While the course focuses on the multi experience, you do not need to identify as multi racial/ethnic/cultural to participate.

This course will offer you the opportunity to explore leadership in connection with multi racial/ethnic/cultural identity and experiences utilizing an interdisciplinary narrative approach (i.e. storytelling).

You will study issues of history, culture, and activism—primarily through personal narratives—as they relate to leadership within the “multi” community. Specifically, we will focus on how culture, family, community, and heritage influence leadership styles as well as the forms leadership has taken within the multi community.

By reading and discussing scholarly, literary, editorial and visual texts we will critically examine topics such as:

  • leadership theories & styles

  • the history of racialization in the U.S.,

  • racial identity development,

  • processes of “othering,”

  • acceptance and the politics of claiming,

  • passing & accenting,

  • representations in the media,

  • inter racial/cultural relationships,

  • transracial & transnational adoption,

  • the multi family,

  • and the multiracial movement & academia.

The course encourages the use of artistic expression as you explore your own leadership style(s) and identities in relation to larger discourses and narratives around race and intersecting identities.

Learning Outcomes

By engaging with assigned reading & viewing materials and actively participating in the course you will:

  • Develop the active listening & communications skills necessary for engaging in critical dialogues across various social identities

  • Have a foundational understanding of race & the history of racialization within the U.S.

  • Be familiar with multiracial identity development models & factors affecting identity development

  • Be aware of your own cultural beliefs and how they inform attitudes & behaviors

  • Be able to critically assess issues affecting the “multi community”

  • Have an understanding of how culture, family, community, and heritage influence leadership styles

  • Identify & cultivate your own leadership style(s)

  • Have an understanding of how leadership & leaders have impacted the “multi community”