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AAPI Advocates Internship Program

The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Student Advocates Internship Program provides students with a unique leadership opportunity to develop and execute initiatives to outreach to the AAPI community on and off campus by planning events, coordinating logistical and administrative support for a variety of campaigns, and social media programs.

The internship seeks to provide a structured community-based learning experience that helps students apply Asian American Studies concepts in real world settings. Through critical observation, reflection, and action, the program educates students on social justice issues affecting AAPI communities. Through weekly intern meetings and check ins, Advocates are able to gain relevant professional competencies while developing networking and fem/mentoring relationships with their peers and supervisors. 

Internship Credit - Asian American Studies (AAST 388)

Students have the opportunity to intern for 1 to 3 credits by enrolling in AAST 388, and the 3-credit internships work toward completing the AAST minor. The number of credits sets the minimum amount of hours the intern must complete per week for the semester:

  • 1-credit = 3 hours/week
  • 2-credits = 6 hours/week
  • 3-credits = 9 hours/week 


For more information on how to apply to the Advocates Internship program, please contact Kai Kai Mascarenas at

Meet Our Spring 2018 Advocates

Ali Bhatti

pronouns: he/him/his | Freshman | Statistics and French Majors | Hometown: Baltimore, MD

I joined advocates because I wanted a hands-on experience with project planning and advocacy. I am interested in learning about intersecting identities and AAPI Involvement at UMD. I also really like the collaboration that unites different AAPI groups to plan for AAPI Heritage Month. I am interested in providing a website resource for Queer Asian Americans, specifically South Asians. I am passionate to learn about the way marriage is changing for South Asians Americans over generations. I aspire to go to professional/grad school and become a Statistician or a Database Administrator. I hope to be able to do statistical research with demographics to show the existence with quantitative  proof of queer individuals within the South Asian Community.

Haley Ihmels

pronouns: she/her/hers | Senior | Psychology Major | Hometown: Bethesda, MD

I wanted to become an advocate to get involved with the UMD AAPI community and reconnect with my Asian heritage. Having taken three Asian American Studies classes, I’m very interested in working to empower the AAPIs and educate others about our community. As a mixed-race person, naturally, I’m very enthusiastic about multiracial identity formation and societal perceptions of what it means to be “enough.” One of my goals is to help foster a stronger sense of community between multiracial students. I hope that from this internship, that I will be able to make a positive impact on the AAPI community at UMD and learn more about my Filipino identity.

Ian Poe-Yamagata

Pronouns: he/him/his | Junior | Economics & Japanese Majors | Hometown: Olney, MD

I joined Advocates because I want to make a difference to my campus. Although I am involved in two other AASU organizations already I felt that I was not making an actual difference to the community. When I learned about the advocates program and issues surrounding the community at the AASU Community Council meetings I knew that this program was the right direction for me. Specifically, I want to learn more about multiracial and biracial students experiences and teach the public about what it means to be biracial. I feel that with this topic I can draw from a lot of my personal experiences and I am excited to learn about lots of other people’s personal experiences. From this program I hope to not only learn more about the AASU community and the issues surrounding us, but to also make an impact on a students experience or life here at UMD!

Thuynhung (Jackie) Tran

Pronouns: she/her/hers | Senior | Supply Chain Management & Information Systems Majors | Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

I first learned about Advocates through a friend who was also an Advocate about a year ago. I did not realize the existence of MICA until he showed me around the office, and made me understand how I was so clueless with the resources we have at school and our entire AAPI community. This motivated me to join as an Advocate, so I can help other students find resources that will help them during their academic career as well as learn more about advocacy as a whole to raise awareness and tackle issues I am most interested about such as immigration, mental health, and queer issues in the AAPI community.