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Provide us with flyers, chalk messages, and/or a question to put on our 5-question survey and we will help you with your marketing efforts for free. It's important for your group to still advertise - our work is meant to be a boost. How do you know where your information goes? We compile all of our data each week, detailing where and how many chalk messages were done, where the flyers were distributed, and all of the survey results. Check out what we've been up to by clicking on the links below to see the weekly results.


Can you hardly wait to see advertisements for your next event all over campus? Great! We're excited, too. Here's what to do:

  • Visit and read about all the free services the Stamp has to offer to help publicize your event. As amazing as the Street Team is, we're only one slice of the pie.

  • Contact Charlene Prosser, Coordinator for Marketing & Graphic Design, at for more information or to set an appointment for a consultation on how to best promote your event at The Stamp!

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