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Summer Experiences (SAB) May 23-30, 2019

*Costs currently listed are estimates and may fluctuate due to transportation costs. Trip costs include air and/or ground transportation, room and board, meals, and all activities. 

From the Roots Up: Planting the Seeds for Food Justice Through Urban Agriculture (Limited Spots Available)

Boston Trip 2 Boston Trip 1There may be nothing more unifying than the desire to share a delicious, healthy meal. Having access to nutritious food is a basic human right, although feeding growing, urban populations is difficult. Urban agriculture, the basis of this experience, can alleviate some of the symptoms of unequal access to food, environmental impacts of agriculture, and lack of community. Transforming the food system into one that provides equal access of sustainably grown, healthy food is the foundation of food justice. Along with many other U.S. cities, Boston faces the pressing challenge of providing its citizens with adequate access to healthy meals. We are working with communities in Boston because it has become one of the leading cities in the U.S. urban agriculture movement, with over 200 community and school gardens, and 26 registered farmer's markets. Urban farming may sound like an oxymoron, but in fact it can be an integral solution to building and uniting communities and feeding impoverished citizens.

During this AB experience, participants will be immersed in one of the most culturally and historically rich places in the country. We will work with community partners to maintain community gardens and local farms that sell at affordable farmers' markets, learn about alternative grocery stores, and explore the world of hydroponics. Working alongside local communities, we will learn about the different components of food justice and what it takes to maintain an urban agricultural system in a large city. Come get your hands dirty as we explore food justice and discover how it is rooted in a broader set of social issues.

Basic Trip Information:

Location: Boston, MA

Dates of Trip: May 23-30, 2019

Cost: $185

Experience Leaders: Emilie Disviscour Berman and Jamoni Overby

Bridging Cultures: Indigenous Communities in the Center of the World, Cuenca, Ecuador  (Limited Spots Available)

Ecuador Trip 1

Ecuador is a country rich, complex, and diverse in geography, culture, populations and language. This AB experience will explore the changing identity of Ecuador over the past 20 years and its effects on indigenous and native communities. Indigenous communities are often caught in tension between ties to ancestral culture, history, and territorial rights and present-day societal and government agendas. Despite their struggle for identity in the midst of a developing world, the Huantugloma Kichwa community in Ecuador embodies an incredibly resilient and unbroken spirit.

During the experience, our team will partner with the University of Cuenca to serve alongside local community members and teachers at the Arturo Quesada School instructing physical education, music, art and English classes. In addition, participants will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the Huantugloma community through meaningful relationships, presentations, dialogue, cultural activities and living with host families throughout the 10 day experience. 

Basic Trip Information:

Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Dates of Trip:  May 23 - June 2 2019

Cost: $1485

Experience Leaders: Daphnie Sumah

Disabilities - Awareness & Inclusion: Indianapolis, IN (Limited Spots Available)

As of 2015, about 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. identify as having a disability. Although more than 25 years have passed since the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law with the goal of protecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities from discrimination, this community still faces barriers in terms of awareness and inclusion. This experience will challenge participants on how they approach and view disability through volunteering with several community partners in Indianapolis. We plan to work with organizations that serve people from various backgrounds by providing ways to teach life skills and empower the community they serve. By serving in a city cited as a model for being disability-friendly, participants will be given insight as to how we can work towards a more aware and inclusive society.

Basic Trip Information:

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Dates of Trip: May 23-30, 2019 

Cost: $225

Experience Leaders: Madeline Rodriguez-White and Delwin Suraj