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WITHDRAWAL from Program

To officially drop from a trip, participants must fully complete a withdrawal form (see Student Dashboard). Upon approval of this request by Alternative Breaks Staff (Program Coordinator or Graduate Coordinator), the participant will no longer be responsible for any future trip costs or considered an official member of the trip.  Please keep in mind that participants who choose to drop will still be responsible for all charges incurred on their behalf for their AB trip until their withdrawal form is submitted.  Scholarship funds cannot pay for any part of this. 

Participants who drop who are able to find replacements for their spots may be released from paying the trip’s costs (not including the $75 deposit).Winter trip cancellations made 25 business days prior to the last day of fall classes will result in no refund. Spring and Summer trip cancellations made 25 business days prior to their trip departure date will result in no refund.

It is the primary responsibility of the participant dropping out to find a replacement. If no alternate is found, those who drop are responsible for the costs incurred upon their behalf, including all of the costs incurred prior to the submission of the withdrawal form.


Substance Free

The AB program recognizes that drug use and alcohol abuse are a contradiction to its understanding of community, and that the use of illegal drugs and alcohol abuse may impair work performance and judgment, endanger colleagues, and cause physical damage. It is the policy of The University of Maryland Alternative Breaks program that all participants, leaders, and advisors will be drug and alcohol-free during the AB trip experience. Violation of this policy will result in termination from the program.

The AB staff reserves the right to terminate an individual’s participation in the program due to policy violations or behavior deemed injurious to themselves or to the group. Behavior deemed to be so disruptive that it threatens individual or group ability to successfully achieve the goals of the program will also result in termination from the program. If terminated from the program, the participant will be required to return home immediately and bear the full financial responsibility for doing so. Termination may be appealed through the Stamp Student Union – Leadership & Community Service-Learning.

Payments & Refunds

The $75 deposit is non-refundable, and under no circumstances will the participant who dropped be refunded gifts made in support of the program by others on their behalf. Since donations are specifically given for the purposes of participation in AB and are tax-deductible as allowed by law, they cannot be refunded. However, if illness or a family emergency occurs, a participant may provide evidence of the illness or emergency and include this with there Payment Appeal Form to request a partial refund of other fees already paid.  

If a participant raises more than their required amount for their trip, the additional funds raised will be equally distributed to the other participants attending that trip. If a student received a scholarship and drops from the AB experience, they are not eligible to transfer/receive the scholarship support for any other purpose.

Unpaid balances by the trip departure date will be charged to students’ UMD accounts by the AB office. Any charges will show up as "CSL Charge" on the participant’s student account. AB holds the right to charge a late fee if balances have not been paid in full before participants leave for their trips.  

If additional time or accommodations are needed to cover your trip fees, please contact us ( Special allowances can be made for those who desire a payment schedule, this will be determined on a case by case basis.

If participants do not turn in their forms or $75 deposit 5 business days after being placed, Alternative Breaks will assume the participant has dropped from the trip.