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Fundraising is an important aspect of participating in an AB trip. Teams work together to organize fundraising activities, and participants are encouraged to write letters to family members and friends to raise funds for their trips. It is ultimately the individual responsibility of the participant to ensure that all financial deadlines are met.

The initial $75 deposit and signed agreement obligates each student to raise funds for the costs of his/her trip.

To donate online to a participant's account, learn more about the online donation process and about other ways to donate to the AB program, visit the "Donate Now" page. 

For information on refund, and drop policies, visit the "Policies and Forms" page. 

Fundraising Ideas

  • Make regular posts on social media with your Donation Page link.
  • Take initiative to help organize a team-wide fundraising event or activity. Get creative- past teams have organized silent auctions, restaurant percentage nights, gift-wrapping, Henna nights, Chili cook-offs, and more! 
  • Send fundraising letters to family, friends, former teachers/coaches and others who would be interested in hearing about what you are doing. You can even pick up pre-typed letters and envelopes from the LCSL office, fill them out and return them. We will pay postage and mail them for you! Have potential contributors who are tech-savvy? Send emails using our pre-made template on the left!
  • Ask for donations towards your trip in place of holiday or birthday gifts. 
  • Sell art, baked goods, crafts or other items that showcase a talent you have!
  • Take on babysitting, tutoring, landscaping or other odd jobs around your hometown while home during breaks.
  • Offer to rake leaves/shovel snow around your neighborhood.


Personal letter and email writing is the MOST SUCCESSFUL fundraising strategy used by Breakers in past years. That's why we ask every participant to write a minimum of 5 letters and send 5 emails sharing about your AB experience. We even make it really easy for you!

1) Collect snail mail and email addresses of any family, friends, former teachers, colleagues, religious connections, community members, etc. who would enjoy learning about your upcoming AB experience. 

2) Stop by the LCSL Office (1110 Stamp) any time between 9-5 pm Monday through Friday and pick up copies of our already printed letter templates and envelopes.

3) Add a short personal, handwritten message and your signature  to  the letter and email templates. Address your messages and send away! If you bring back your completed, printed letters, we will even pay postage and send them for you!