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The GradTerp Traditions Book

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Become a Tradition!

What's the GradTerp Book?

The GradTerp Book was developed to guide Graduate Students through the various traditions alive at the University of Maryland. Perform all traditions and become an official University of Maryland Tradition Keeper!
Contained within its pages are 30 GradTerp traditions. Each tradition is an event that countless GradTerps like yourself have enjoyed before you. With the completion of each tradition, you get one step closer to the title of Tradition Keeper!

How does it work?

For each tradition, take a picture of yourself (and your friends!) participating in the tradition. At a football game, you might be cheering on the Terrapins in the stands. For Kickoff, it might be a picture of you and your friends in the GSL photo booth.
Throughout the year, GSL will send out reminders to submit your pictures to be officially logged and recorded. Photos can be uploaded at any time at We'll track your progress on our end, no matter how many years it takes you! Along the way (after 10, 20, 25, and 30 traditions), you'll earn tokens to display your progress and official Tradition Keeper decoration to wear at graduation.

Don't have a Book?

Stop by the Graduate Student Lounge or visit our table at any graduate student resource fair to grab your copy!

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