Graduate Student Perks

Testudo is a bronze sculpture.Graduate ID Discounts

Using your graduate student ID, there are several discounts available both on and off-campus. Select the link to learn more.

Temporary Housing for Graduate Students

During the month of August, there is temporary housing on-campus available for a small fee. Select the link to learn more.

Find a Roommate/Housemate

Off-Campus Housing Services operates a web-based service that allow you to find roommates and housemates in the area. Specify your preference for things like graduate/undergraduate, smoking/non-smoking, neat/messy, morning person/night person. Check out their site below.

Priority Parking

Each spring semester, during specified dates, graduate students (and newly admitted graduate students who will start classes in the Fall) can register for a parking permit two weeks before undergraduate students for the next academic year. This service helps graduate students who teach, study, and conduct research on campus find convenient parking. Registration typically occurs in early to mid-April, but check the Transportation Services website for specific dates. If you miss the priority registration you can still receive a permit, but it might be in a less-desirable location. Check out the Places to Park and Parking Map of Campus.

Free After-Hours Parking Permit for GAs

Graduate assistants with a current parking pass can apply for a free add-on permit allowing them to park in spaces that are normally 24-hour restricted. These include: T, W, Y, A, M, D, EE, E*, HH, and H (see the Parking Map of Campus) between 4 p.m. & 7 a.m. All passes are distributed through the Department of Transportation Services. See manual page 16.

Instructions: To obtain an After-Hours Permit, fill out a form from your departments "parking officer" or have your advisor write a letter authorizing you to have the extra pass. Take the form or letter, student ID, University pay stub, and your current parking pass to the Transportation Services office in the Regents Parking Garage (Lot 5). There, if approved, they will issue you a new permit that reflects both the regular parking location and the after-hours location (for example: Lot 1/Lot HH).

It is recommended that students park at the 15 minute meters in front of the Regents Parking Garage office so they don't have to leave their car without a permit. For questions or more information, call 4-7179. Parking services is open 8:15 am - 4:00 pm M-F.

**There are other parking lots available after 4 p.m. that don't require the special pass, only a valid parking permit. Some spaces don't even require a valid permit between 4 p.m. & 7 a.m.

Library Benefits

Graduate students receive library privileges similar to faculty. Select the link to learn more about reserving and borrowing privileges, apply for study carrels, orientation programs, seminars and more.

Graduate Student Career Services

Career Services aren't just for undergraduates. They have a wide variety of services including a career library and staff members who have experience working with graduate students.

Graduate Ombudsperson

A service offered through the Graduate School, the Graduate Ombudsperson is an impartial, independent, and confidential resource for graduate students needing help in mediating and resolving conflicts as well as ensuring equitable treatment. The Ombudsperson can also help affect positive change by alerting appropriate senior administration to patterns of problems and complaints.

Seats on University Committees

Almost every university and University Senate committee has at least one seat for graduate students. These committees are where most administrative decisions are made and a graduate student voice is vital. Select the link below to learn more about various committees and how to serve.

Graduate Student Legal Aid

Graduate Student Legal Aid is a free service for graduate students provided through Graduate Student Government. The office can't represent you in court, but it does offer a broad spectrum of legal information and assistance. Paid for by your activity fees and located in the Stamp Student Union.

Athletic Tickets for Graduate Students

Get your basketball and football tickets without competing with undergraduates or waiting in line. 10% of University of Maryland student tickets are set aside for graduate students (representative percentage of Athletics fees paid by graduate students). Now you can order and print tickets from home with Maryland's online system for ordering tickets. Student ID card and current class registration status are needed to sign up.

Funding for Graduate Organizations

If your Graduate Student Organization is registered through STARS, you can receive Graduate Activity Fee money that is managed by Graduate Student Government. GSG has a good FAQ section detailing the steps for receiving funding at

Campus-wide TA Orientation

Each semester, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and The Graduate School jointly sponsor an orientation for all new graduate teaching assistants from across the disciplines.

Emergency Loans

If you are in a bind, you can get emergency money from the Graduate School to help out. Depending on the situation, you can receive up to $500 in an interest-free loan that must be repaid in 60 days. If you don't repay the loan within 60 days, the amount will be charged against your student account and you could incur late fees.

To receive a loan

  1. Go to Student Financial Aid (1135 Lee Building) and bring any documentation of your need. 
  2. Fill out a short loan application form. 
  3. Have a brief appointment with a loan counselor to review need. They will approve or deny funds. 
  4. Submit approval or appeal denial to the Graduate School Business Office (2126 Lee Building)

Free Income Tax Form Assistance

Every year during March and April, the Graduate School brings a tax consultant onto campus to provide free tax form assistance. The service is open to international students, but it's recommended that they use OIS's on-line tax help services.

Save Money with Pre-Tax Metro Pass

Graduate student GA's, TA's, RA's can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year from their Metrorail and Metrobus commuting costs by using a pre-tax payroll benefit called SmartBenefits, which allow up to $100 each month to be deducted pre-tax from a University paycheck. This $100 can be provided in the form of Metrocheks (paper Metro pass with a magnetic strip) or automatically credited each month to a reusable plastic SmarTrip Card.

Sign up for Metrochek benefits and receive a SmartTrip card free of charge through the Department of Transportation Services. SmarTrip cards can also be purchased through various Metro locations including all stations that offer parking. 

Note: All fees for parking at Metro stations must be paid using a SmarTrip card.

Travel Grants

The Graduate School offers some Fall, Spring and Summer grants for students looking for travel money for scholarly conferences or for expenses related to the presentation of research. For more information, call (301) 405-0358.

Monthly Graduate Social Series

Each month, Graduate Student Life runs, on average, two graduate student trips to events in the D.C./College Park area.

Graduate Pub (Happy Hour)

Weekly social event, held on Fridays and open to all graduate students (food, music and drink specials)

Free Coffee Thursdays in the Graduate Lounge

Looking for a place to unwind and enjoy some casual conversation over a cup of coffee? Stop by the Graduate Student Lounge (1121 Stamp Student Union) on Thursdays from noon-5 p.m. Free coffee for graduate students while it lasts.

International Spouses Organization

This organization is a support group sponsored by advisors from International Education Services for the spouses of UMD international students. 

Terrapin Express Card

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