Getting Involved

Testudo is a bronze statue of the UM MascotThe following organizations and committees allow graduate students to make a tangible impact on campus and be involved in university policy decisions. Furthermore, the time commitment for most of them is low. For example, the GSG meets once a month and most campus committees meet about 2-3 times a year.

Graduate Student Government

Graduate Student Government is the supreme graduate student governmental body charged with serving and representing all graduate students at the University of Maryland. GSG works to formulate policies promoting and governing the activities and welfare of all graduate students as well as help advise the University administration on issues affecting graduate student life.  GSG is open to all registered and currently enrolled graduate students and meets once every month.

University Senate

University Senate is the principal governing body for the University of Maryland. Similar to a faculty senate at other colleges, the University Senate also includes student and staff voting members. There are 9 graduate student representative positions on the University Senate. Elections are held once a year during the month of April, usually in conjunction with Graduate Student Government elections. Get experience with big picture policy decisions and represent graduate student needs. See information on University Senate campus committees below

Other Organizations

There are over 400 registered student organizations and over 70 registered graduate student organizations at the University of Maryland. All organizations are open to any registered University of Maryland student. A graduate organization has more graduate members than undergraduate with all graduate students serving as its officers. Funding for graduate organizations can be applied for through Graduate Student Government (see funding for more information).

While most graduate students join graduate organizations, approximately 15% of graduate students are involved with at least one Undergraduate organization.

These are typically cultural groups on campus.

In reality there are many more un-registered graduate organizations on campus, many sponsored by specific academic programs and departments. There is no requirement to register, but only those graduate organizations that are registered through the Office of Campus Programs have access to funds managed by Graduate Student Government as well as web page space, email addresses and room reservation privileges. 

Items of Interest
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