National Scholarships Office

National scholarships are highly competitive, prestigious awards that provide opportunities and support for many different experiences, including study abroad, graduate study (and sometimes undergraduate study also), federal employment, teaching, research, and public service. You may have heard of some national scholarships – the Rhodes and Fulbright awards are among the best known.

National scholarships are looking for students (with or without financial need) who are developing strong interests and goals – academic and extracurricular – and who want to take advantage of every constructive opportunity that will help them reach their objectives. Just as each national scholarship offers a different kind of opportunity each is also looking for a different range of strengths and interests in its applicants. If you develop a strong academic record, are thoughtful about your choices and devote yourself to activities you care about, you may well find one or more scholarships opportunities of interest to you. The National Scholarships Office can help you search for awards that fit your goals well.

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Graduate School Fellowships and Awards

Determining how to pay for your graduate education is as important as deciding what to study. Funding can come in many forms: from payment of conference fees to full support, which provides the most valuable resource – time. Departments and programs determine funding packages, which comprise a combination of assistantships, fellowships, and other support.

The Graduate School offers competitive fellowships and awards, as well as a comprehensive database of external grants and fellowships that can provide critical resources to ensure your success. They also have a financial literacy program to help you responsibly manage your finances and debt.  

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