Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

STAMP Reopening FAQs


  • What are the building hours for STAMP? 

Starting August 3 through August 27 the building hours will be:  

Monday - Friday          7:00am - 7:00pm

Saturday                     10:00am - 6:00pm

Sunday                        CLOSED


Fall Semester hours starting August 28:

Monday - Thursday    7:00am - 10:00pm

Friday                          7:00am - midnight

Saturday                     10:00am - midnight

Sunday                        11:00am - 8:00pm


  • How is STAMP preparing for reopening the building? The building has had a deep cleaning since the March closure. Cleaning of public spaces throughout the building will occur twice a day. All public spaces and meeting rooms will be set up in accordance with physical distancing guidelines. Signs are being posted by elevators limiting the number of users of the elevator to allow for physical distancing. Signs with reminders about safe health practices to prevent the spread of COVID are being installed throughout the building. Staff are being issued face masks and being asked to complete the university-wide training for staff, as well as Stamp-specific trainings. Additionally, plexiglass is being installed around front desk areas.
  • How will Stamp capacity be monitored? 
    • How will traffic in/out/around Stamp be monitored? There will be designated in/out doors and traffic flow will be guided by signs throughout the building. 
    • How will room capacity be monitored? Furniture in common areas will be arranged in a way that allows for physical distancing and not additional capacity. Nicole will also do a walkthrough of various offices to ensure shared spaces are set up in a way that allows for physical distancing (but staff should also be sure to include in their reopening plans what needs to be removed from their spaces to allow for physical distancing).  
      • How will physical distancing be enforced? Room reservations requests will only allow for max capacity in alignment with physical distancing guidelines. Campus is still reviewing penalties associated with non-compliance and our policies will then be updated accordingly.   
    • Will there be temperature checks? Aligned with the personal responsibility we all have to do our part to keep this community safe, staff, faculty, and students will be required to complete the daily symptom monitoring checklist via an app which will ask whether or not someone has a temperature above a certain level. Personal responsibility and respect for one another will be critical for the success of the campus effort to return safely.  
  • Do we have any information about what space reservations might look like? Room reservation requests will only allow for max capacity in alignment with physical distancing guidelines. We do not know any more than this right now but will update our guidelines once we know. 
  • What practice/procedures are in place for individuals who refuse to wear face masks/shields/coverings? It is understandable that some individuals are not able to use these for health reasons. Campus is still working on this guidance. 
  • Individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired, are used to reading lips, which they are now unable to do with face masks. What accommodations is the university making for not only these individuals but other individuals who need accommodations? Stamp has purchased face masks with clear windows to accommodate this need. Stamp staff who plan programs are encouraged to 
  • Will there be in-person events? In accordance with public health guidelines the majority of programs offered will be virtual this fall. We are tentatively planning some small in-person programs keeping personal safety and physical distancing in the forefront of our plans. Some events will offer virtual and in-person participation opportunities for a small group of students who may want to be physically distant, yet in community with others. For a list of fall programming, please visit: