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"Our mission is to promote multicultural awareness and unite the pan-racial campus community through education, constructive discourse, and increased active membership." ~MBSA

MultiracialThe Multiracial Biracial Student Association (MBSA) holds fun and thought-provoking programs throughout the year. They are dedicated to cultivating an environment on campus and abroad that fosters the development of multiracial identities and encourages cross-cultural collaboration through advocacy, fundraising, and service in order to integrate the student body as a united community. 

Two of their signature programming initiatives are Diversity, Feast, and Film (a cultural potluck and movie discussion) in November and Multiracial Heritage Month in March.  

To learn more about MBSA visit their Facebook page, join their Facebook group, or find them on TerpLink!


MBSA was featured Nationally in the NY Times

Cross Cultural Adoptees

"Cross Cultural Adoptees exists to create a community welcoming of adoptees and allies. It encourages discussion of, but is not exclusive to, transracial and cross cultural issues." ~ Cross Cultural Adoptees

Cross Cultural Adoptees hosts discussions and events where members discuss issues that the adoptee community faces including feelings of not being [blank] enough (Black, Asian, etc.), cultural erasure, identity issues, and many more. The main goal of the organization is to help adoptees feel united and validated in a safe space for open conversation.