Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life

Mission and Vision


LCSL engages students in experiential and community-based learning to foster socially responsible leadership.

  • Community-Based Learning: an approach that prioritizes community as an essential source of knowledge and context for learning

  • Experiential Learning: a process in which knowledge is created through experience, reflection, and application

  • Socially Responsible Leadership: a collaborative and inclusive process that advances a group's goals while enhancing communities and/or the environment

A socially responsible leader develops and practices the following mindsets and skills:

  • Mindsets: Learning, Community, Justice, Action
  • Skills: Critical Thinking & Reflection, Social Justice, Self-awareness, Resiliency, Intercultural Competence, Social Mindfulness and Engagement, Collaboration, Integrity & Ethics 


As LCSL, we envision a just world.