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  • Jennifer Enriquez (  Coordinator
  • Luanjiao Aggie Hu ( Graduate Assistant—Community & Social Programs
  • Jasmyn Gilmore: Graduate Assistant—Communications & Marketing



    Meet the Team


Photo of Jennifer Enriquez
Before coming to UMD, Jennifer Enriquez studied at the University of Pittsburgh where she received her MPH and MSW. Her concentrations were in behavioral and community health sciences and direct practice, respectively. Besides her passion for advocacy, community building, and learning, she enjoys being in the company of friends and family, watching animated shows and movies, reading, listening to music, trying different foods, and taking care of her ever-growing plant collection. Jennifer loves her work with GSL and is committed to a life of service and compassion. 



Photo of Luanjiao Aggie Hu
Originally from Jiangxi, China, Luanjiao Aggie Hu is currently a doctoral student in the International Education Policy program at the University of Maryland, with a focus on disability studies, international education, and education for people with disabilities. She identifies as a person with disability, a scholar, and an educator. Besides working at GSL, she enjoys writing, reading, taking pictures, and cooking Indo-Chinese food with her partner. Aggie firmly believes in Love and Peace.   



Photo of Jasmyn Gilmore

Jasmyn Gilmore is a Quarantine Class of 2020 graduate from the University of Maryland and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Policy (MPP), with a focus in racial, criminal justice, and education policy. Besides working as a GSL graduate assistant, she classifies herself as a huge Disney fanatic who enjoys learning/trying new things, listening to music, and spending time with the people she loves. Jasmyn is a deep believer in and advocate for continuous advancement toward true equity in the world.