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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Once I am accepted into Maryland who is the best point of contact for a smooth transition into UMD?

A:  The best points of contact would be Veteran Student Life Coordinator Brian Bertges at or the Veteran Student Life Graduate Assistants Aaron Anderson at and Susan Buckenmaier at Also the Veteran Student Orientation will be a great place to receive valuable information and resources. 

Q:    I am currently using the GI Bill, should I still complete my FAFSA and apply for scholarships?

A:   Yes every incoming veteran should complete their FAFSA and apply for scholarships as the GI bill does not exclude you from being considered.

Q:    Is The University Of Maryland A Yellow Ribbon School?

A:  The University of Maryland is now officially a Yellow Ribbon school. For more information about het yellow ribbon program and what it entails click on the following link:  Yellow Ribbon Program

Q:    How do I get access to the Veterans Lounge on Campus?

A:  In order to receive access to the Veteran’s center please email your student id# and proof of service (DD214) to * note this process can take up to a week until card swipe access is granted.

Q:    Where can I find more information about different events I can participate in as a student veteran?

A:  The veterans at UMD have access to a number of activities ranging from social events, community service and organized fitness events.  Like us on Facebook under TerpVets and Veteran Student Life pages in order to get the most up to date information on these events.

Q:   Where can I find more information about resources available to student parents?

A:  The best place to start would be UMD’s family care resources page @