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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Transfer and Off-Campus Students

How do I apply for scholarships?

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions have scholarships that are tailored just for transfer students. You can also visit the Office of Financial Aid: Scholarships to learn more about scholarships available to prospective and current students. The site has resources specific to transfer, returning, and veteran students, as well as information to guide your search. You can also visit the UMD National Scholarship Office, which provides additional assistance in finding money for study abroad, graduate study (and undergraduate study also), federal employment, teaching, research, and public service. 


In addition to these resources, visit our scholarships page to see what scholarships our office has for transfer students. 

How do I get connected to campus?

Navigating campus as a commuting or transfer student can appear challenging, but our office is here to help! We know that feeling connected to campus has a positive impact on students’ overall academic experience, and we want to help you get the most out of being a Terp!

Get started by:

  • Scoping out student organizations that interest you on UMD is home to over 700 student groups, spanning community service, advocacy, sports, academic, cultural, and social student interests. Reach out to learn more about you can get involved with groups that interest you!

  • Making campus feel like home. Whether that’s by choosing a regular study spot at one of our many libraries or attending a weekly group fitness, like Cardioboxing or Yoga, available through Campus Recreation Services, you can carve out your own niche here at UMD.

  • Reaching out to Transfer & Off-Campus Student Life! Come out to our signature program, Good Morning Commuters, a free breakfast for off-campus students that we offer the first Wednesday of every month. While you’re meeting other transfer and off-campus students, introduce yourself to some of our staff, and we’ll be happy to talk you through getting connected here at UMD!

When should I go to the Career Center?

Early and often. The University Career Center is an amazing resource that offers workshops on securing jobs and internships, employer networking sessions, assessment tests, informational interview archives, mock interview practice, and a great website to scan opportunities for UMD students. The Career Center can help you as you develop your aspirations and career plans, and going early can make it a useful resource in course selection and landing internships.

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Can I study abroad?

Yes, both transfer and off-campus students can study abroad! Before planning to study abroad, we recommend meeting with your academic advisor and an advisor from Education Abroad to work your experience around your academic requirements.

What are the citation rules at UMD?

Make sure you don’t get accused of academic dishonesty or plagiarism! Not all community colleges have the same standards as the University of Maryland. You can review the code of Academic Integrity here.Your safest approach is to get clarification from each of your professors about what citation style they prefer and what kind of collaboration is permitted for an assignment.

How do I get a parking permit?

Parking on campus is managed by the Department of Transportation Service (DOTS). Visit their page on student parking to register for a parking permit. Upon applying, students are assigned to lots that begin with a number, many of which are within a short walking distance of classroom buildings. Most have Shuttle UM stops for those who would rather not walk. Use the DOTS student parking page to find information on parking assignments for commuters, which are assigned based on credit level, as well rules for carpool permits or permits for students who only need to drive to campus occasionally.

Can off-campus students get a meal plan? If so which one?

Off-Campus students can choose to purchase a meal plan called the Apartment Plan through Dining Services or use Terrapin Express, a pre-paid debit account that can be used at locations across campus. 

Where can I find the bus schedule?

Bus schedules are available on the Department of Transportation website here. You can also find service calendar information as well as NextBus, a service that provides estimates bus arrivals in real-time. Waiting at a stop? Text the Stop ID number located on the Shuttle UM bus stop sign as “nbus umd #” to “41411” and receive a text message with the estimated arrival time of your bus!

Where can I print? Color Print?

Printing is available in McKeldin library, academic buildings, and WEPA print kiosks, a wireless printing service that allows students to print documents at from the web, USB drive, smartphone or any computer. There is a WEPA kiosk on the ground floor of the Stamp Student Union behind the food court. You can pay for printing with your student ID card using Terrapin Express. Black/White copies is $0.10/page and Color copies are $0.50/page. Free scanning is available in Mckeldin library.

How do I put Terrapin Express on my card?

You can load Terrapin Express onto your student ID card at Mckeldin Library, or do so online through links on the Terrapin Express home page.

How do I go about getting a locker?

Lockers are available for rental in the Stamp Student Union. Lockers are just $35 for the semester and can be reserved through the Terpzone. Find the Locker Rental Agreement here.

Where can I warm/cook my food?

There are microwaves available on the 1st Floor of McKeldin Library and in the Stamp Student Union on the ground floor (across from Off-Campus Housing Services). While the Stamp is open until late at night, the microwave is put away at 4:30pm.

How can I receive free tickets to shows at the Clarice?

The Clarice Performing Arts Center hosts theater, music, dance, and other performances that enrich the art and cultural experience of the UMD community. It offers Free UMD Student Ticket Mondays where starting at 12:00pm the Monday prior to a performance, students can pick up a free ticket to a show with their university ID. Learn more here. Regular priced tickets for students are $10.

Where can I go for tutoring sessions?

The University has a wide range of offices offering tutoring for different academic departments and courses. Here are just some of the many options available to UMD students.

  • Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education is a free, walk-in tutorial program that covers most key courses in Writing, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Economics, among other courses. Individual and small group tutoring consisting of 2-4 students per group is available each semester in most undergraduate courses.

  • The Writing Center provides opportunities for undergraduate students to improve writing and thinking skills in their academic work, and also in preparation for their respective careers. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, trained consultants with a variety of majors assist writers individually at all stages of the composing process.

Want more? Check out Tutoring @ UMD for an even more comprehensive list!


Where can I find an on campus jobs?

The University Career Center posts information on-campus jobs here. Different academic department listservs will also post student job offerings from time to time.

Where can I find more specific details about the locations of buildings on campus?

Visit . You can find the name of your building and link it to a campus map showing its picture and location.