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Stamp Recognition

Every employee at The Adele H. Stamp Student Union is valued and we strive to give the employees of The Stamp the opportunity to recognize each other for the outstanding work done each day. There are three opportunities to recognize fellow Stamp employees:

  • General Recognition - Cards and small gifts such as candy and Adele H. Stamp Student Union memorabilia are available to all Stamp employees to recognize the hard work or new opportunities of fellow employees. All items are available on the third floor of The Stamp in the admin offices (outside of 3100M - please take the stairs or elevator near the coffee shop to reach the third floor).

    The cards have greetings such as: 
      • Thank you
      • Congratulations
      • Good Luck
      • Great Job
      • Good Work

  • The Stamp Star Award - The STAMP STAR program, our "employee of the month" program, is more selective than just general recognition and recognizes five Stamp Stars each month. The categories are: two awards for Undergraduate Students, one Graduate Student, and two Part-/Full-Time Staff Members.
  • The Award of Excellence - This annual award is given annually to one employee in each of the following categories: Undergraduate Student, Graduate Student, and Full-/Part-Time Staff. This award is given for exceptional service given to Stamp and the greater Maryland community.

If you have any question, comments, or concerns, please contact Kalia Patricio, Coordinator for Training, Rewards/Recognition, and Student Employment, at

Have you recognized anyone today?