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Sample Constitution

The constitution and/or by-laws of an organization contain(s) the rules that govern the action and activities of the group. The document(s) should:

  • State the purpose of the organization.

  • Define the characteristics of the organization and criteria for membership.

  • Prescribe how the group functions and identify the parliamentary procedure by which business will be conducted.

  • Include all rules that the group considered so important that they (1) cannot be changed without previous notice to the members and the vote of a specified large majority (such as two-thirds vote), and (2) cannot be suspended.

  • State the rights of members of the organization whether present or absent from a meeting and the limitations placed on the powers of the members attending a meeting.


Your Organization's Constitution must include the following two clauses:

  • Abide by University Policies Clause
    • "Name of Organization," understands and is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities of abiding by University of Maryland, College Park policies.


The following two documents will help guide you to create a constitution/set of bylaws that work for your organization.

SORC Constitution and Bylaw Guidelines

SORC Sample Constitution