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Organization Registration Information

The OrgSync system provides a listing of all recognized student organizations on campus. Groups are listed in alphabetical order. With each group you will find contact information, a mission statement, membership requirements, affiliated groups, and a website (if any). 


Registering a New Student Organization

Registering your student organization is the first step. Registration is required for student groups to reserve rooms, use campus resources, or receive SGA or GSG funding. Both graduate and undergraduate groups must be registered with the Union and Campus Programs. There are further requirements to receive recognition by SGA or GSG. Note, SGA recognizes only undergraduate student organizations, and GSG recognizes only graduate student organizations. All registration can be done easily from the OrgSync website.

Registration is required for all student organizations. New student organizations must fill out an application on the OrgSync website. Existing organizations must renew this registration every year. The following are the requirements for registration and recognition by SGA or GSG

  • Know the registration status you are applying for (Provisional, Temporary, Continuing)
  • The Group's Contact Address and Phone Number
  • Provide the Group's Mission Statement
  • Provide the Group's E-mail Address and Web Site (if you have one)
  • Your Faculty/Staff Advisor's Name, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail Address (all groups MUST have a Faculty/Staff Advisor).
  • You will need to know the Names and Student ID Numbers of the members of your group. You will need at least 8 student members of your organization for OCP Registration. You will need at least 25 undergraduate student members for SGA recognition. You will need at least 5 graduate student members for GSG recognition. We request you include information for all your members so we can help you maintain a database of current and future alumni and so we can audit students’ involvement.
  • You MUST have a designated President and Treasurer. SGA recognition also requires a designated SGA liaison.  
  • You must also provide us with a Constitution for your group. You will need to submit, online, a Word document of this Constitution. Go to our Constitution page for guidelines and a sample constitution.   
  • SGA will not recognize groups that it believes are duplicate of other current groups. Please ensure that a currently recognized group with a similar mission does not already exist before seeking SGA recognition. You can find a list of all registered groups on the OrgSync website.


Registering on OrgSync

Once these requirements are met, proceed to OrgSync at Click on the link “OrgSync Login" at the top of the page.

You will then be required to log into OrgSync using either your directory ID and password, or you Student ID and password. To register a new student organization, mouse over "Organizations" at the top, red toolbar. Then click, "Add Organization." 



You will be prompted to complete all of the information needed to register your student group, beginning with the basic information that will be displayed on your groups' public profile. 


For a complete guide to registering/renewing on OrgSync, please visit our manual: Guidelines for Registering or Renewing a Student Organization.docx



The constitution and/or by-laws of an organization contain(s) the rules that govern the action and activities of the group. The document(s) should:

  • State the purpose of the organization.
  • Define the characteristics of the organization and criteria for membership.
  • Prescribe how the group functions and identify the parliamentary procedure by which business will be conducted.
  • Include all rules that the group considered so important that they (1) cannot be changed without previous notice to the members and the vote of a specified large majority (such as two-thirds vote), and (2) cannot be suspended.
  • State the rights of members of the organization whether present or absent from a meeting and the limitations placed on the powers of the members attending a meeting.

NOTE: A registered student organization’s constitution must be consistent with the policies and procedures in the Code of Student Conduct.

For more information regarding constitutions and to see a sample constitution, go to the Constitution Page.  

Note: documents in Word format (DOC) require Microsoft Viewer, download word.