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Upcoming Exhibitions


October 30–December 16, 2017


Opening Reception: Wednesday, November 1, 6–8 pm


A group exhibition of artwork that questions the reality of suburban and urban environments through humor, satire and irony. The work in the exhibition offers a wide range of interpretations of our man-made spaces. Through a combination of artists who work in print, painting, installation and sculpture, (Sub)Urban will present a well-rounded exploration of the contemporary surroundings. Benjamin Roger’s paintings explore the banality of the interior of our lives, once we are secure in our homes, while Sang-Mi Yoo’s work emphasizes the banality of our planned communities. Yoon-Mi Nam and Christine Buckton Tillman’s sculptures and Amze Emmon’s cutouts re-present items from our homes and streets that are ordinarily dismissed as being meaningless, and finally, Nick Satinover’s print installation visualizes the basest feelings behind most people’s day to day lives. These artists work in varying mediums and concepts, but their underlying interests explore different aspects of our suburban and urban experiences as men, women, immigrants and minorities.  


Curated by Matthew McLaughlin  

Featured Artists: Amzi Emmons, Sang-Mi Yoo, Yoon-mi Nam, Benjamin Rogers, Nick Satinover, and Christine Buckton Tillman