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Upcoming Exhibitions

Collective Monument

January 25–March 11, 2017

Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 25, 6–8 pm


Presenting “Monumental Form/Memorial Time: A Graduate Symposium in the History and Practice of Art and Architecture”, March 10-11, 2017, featuring keynote speaker Lisi Raskin.

Collective Monument examines monumentality as a complex and ambiguous cultural form that emerges from networks of power, memory, and participation. The exhibition presents three artists from diverse geographies who engage with the significance of monuments and monumental industry in current geopolitical conditions. Onejoon Che, Nara Park, and the DZT Collective all use monuments to propose forms of collective experience and to critically examine the grounds of that collectivity. The works on view trace the methods by which monuments are produced, the kinds of meanings they propagate, and the ways that individuals and groups can speak to, through, and with them.
South Korean artist Onejoon Che’s three-channel video Mansudae Master Class documents the labor of North Korean sculptors constructing colossal sculptures in Africa, revealing that monumental commissions can transcend isolationist politics. Washington, DC-based sculptor Nara Park’s Never Forget ponders the simultaneous profundity and superficiality of monumental forms and language, considering monuments’ capacity to appear both natural and artificial. The DZT Collective—a collective of Albanian and Italian artists, curators, and architects —presents Study for a Monument. This interactive installation invites visitors to use their bodies and objects at hand to model a monument within the gallery, opening a space to experiment with strategies for embodying resistance and commemoration. Taken together, the artworks in Collective Monument push us to reconsider how monuments can allow us to share our experiences, with whom we can share them, and what futures we might construct out of them.


Curated by Raino Isto