Student Organization Tech Support

Welcome! The Stamp Technology Services is the place to contact when you have questions about using technology needs anywhere in the Stamp Student Union. We now provide support for all student group offices in the Stamp Student Involvement suite. The following are technical issues that relate to student groups:

Computer Services

    Each student organization office includes a desktop computer and printer. You can also print to print to the Stamp PAY FOR PRINT printers near Terrapin room C, if you have a valid Terp Express id! Each student group that shares this office has a log in account on the computer. We provide the following services Hardware and Software Repairs, Diagnose and setup Computer Connectivity issues, Application installations, Data Backup Strategy, Maintenance of Service Packs, Hot Fixes, Anti-virus, Spyware, and Spam Filters File. Stamp Technology Services can assist you with these services, once approved.


    Each Student office will has a single voicemail box with a password. Offices that share a phone\voicemail will have to have all members be aware of the current password and if changed, alert all other members of your group and all the members of the other groups who share your office.

    Each outgoing greeting will need to be generic and cover the names of each group in this office. Please follow the instructions below to begin setting your voicemail.

    1. Dial 301-405-5300 to access your voicemail
    a. Enter your Extension (displayed on your telephone)
    b. Enter your Password
    2. To record your greeting, press [3] and follow instructions.
    3. To begin to listening to messages, press [2].
    a. Press 0 to listen to current message.
    b. Press # to skip message
    4. To delete each message press [*3].



    Pay-for-print services is available for all patrons to print from any laptop check-out computer, internet kiosks, and now the student organizations desktop computers. Patrons required a valid Terp Express ID! From any student organization computer students can print to the Stamp PAY FOR PRINT printers near the Terrapin room C. For more information on pay-for-print services please visit the website at

Web Hosting

    Before requesting access to web space, your Student Organization president or authorizer needs to officially register an appointed web developer with the Stamp Technology Services department. to download a copy of the form. The Technology Services Office drop box is in room 2224 in the Stamp Student Union. Once the organization registered, an email is sent to authorizing party and web developer on the location of their website and instructions on how to get started.

Technology for Events

    In order to use technology equipment for events student organizations must reserve a room in the Stamp Reservations office located in room 1133 in the Stamp Student Union. There is a fee associated with reserving any technical equipment; however Terrapin room C provides free laptop and projector only. To see a list of the technology  services we provide please visit Stamp Technology Services for more information. You can also contact us at 301-405-0588, during 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday thru Friday.


Need Help! Please check sections above for detail instructions on services we support. The Stamp Technology Services staff are always glad to assist individuals with any technical issues. However, here are few tips and information you need before contacting our office.


    • The cables (network, monitor, power, printer, keyboard, mouse, etc.)
    are securely attached.
    • The power (to the computer, printer, and power strip) is turned on.
    • Try restarting your computer or printer.
    • If you get an error message to write down exactly what it says.

Information needed when emailing or calling:

    • Your name, location (room and building), phone number, and email.
    • Description of the problem; the exact error message

You can contact us at 301-314-5555, option 1, during 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday thru Friday . If no one is available, leave a message. You are welcome to email us any time at, please include in the Subject line Student Orgs. We communicate to all the next business day.