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Asian Pacific American (APA) Student Involvement is a unit in the Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy Office of the Adele H. Stamp Student Union. APA Student Involvement promotes student development and campus involvement for APA students. We are committed to the creation and maintenance of a campus environment where APA identity and issues are affirmed and supported. Here is a brief listing of the services we offer:

    Retreats, workshops and classes

    Retreats are all half or full-day sessions that go over goal setting, roles and responsibilities, and structure for organizations. We can work with you to coordinate retreats that are based on the specific needs of your organization.
    We also instruct EDCP418a: APA Leadership. This 3 credit course is offered in the fall semester and focuses on conditions, issues, leadership, and action for APA students who want to work for positive change in work, school, campus, and community.
    The MICA office also sponsors the Multicultural Leaders Summit, which is designed for student organization officers to network with officers of other identity based groups to discuss issues and development. MOSAIC is a two-day, one-night weekend retreat focused on exploring the relationship between diversity and leadership. In addition MICA offers the MVP Program in which organizations can be recognized for their contributions to the campus. Finally, MICA sponsors a Brown-Bag Series in which we discuss or learn about the ‘hot issues’ affecting all of our communities.

    One on one counseling and group facilitation

    All of you are individuals whose personal, career, and social lives all play a role. In the past, we have not only helped students in programming, but with personal concerns as well. Our doors are open to anyone who has any personal matter they would like to talk about. It is all confidential and if there are areas in which we cannot help, we can certainly refer you to offices and people who can.

    Academic, social, and cultural resources

    There are two ways we do this. First, we produce “The Spokes” a weekly newsletter that disseminates academic, social, and cultural resources to the campus community. “The Spokes” is open to everyone and works alongside other mailing lists to provide a comprehensive list of services. The other is through a president’s list serve. This list serve focuses on SGA, OCP, and MICA related information just for student leaders.

    We can offer internships for students who are interested in community involvement and justice, leadership, or multiculturalism. You would work with us to create a vision and goal for your internship. There is an academic component to this (which of course is for credit) in which you would write about your experiences and produce a paper at the end of the semester.

    Networking with other offices, staff, advisers, and student organizations

    Relationships are the key to success in school and work. So, one of our duties is to keep connections to resources, allies, and programs that can support your experience here at Maryland. So, if there is information that needs to be disseminated, or you need a reference to a particular resource feel free to ask us.

    Aid in programming and budgeting

    Throughout the semester, student organizations focus on programming events and services. We can help you organize checklists, timetables, and other tools to make your event as successful as possible. If there are questions regarding SGA Budgets or other sources of finance, we can assist you as well. One of the biggest programming times is during APA Heritage Month, which we can assist with as well.


    Another aspect of our jobs is to serve as advocates for APA student needs. There are many experiences and conditions that many of us experience in school that are directly related to our identities, more specifically by how others, policies, and programs treat us. As an advocate, there are functions and situations that negatively affect us. One of our charges is to help offices, programs, staff, and faculty to work better to serve APA students. So, it is important for us to share with them the issues, experiences, and conditions that affect our community, so that we can provide them tools to make a better environment for everyone.

    About MICA:

    The University of Maryland is one of the nation’s most academically challenging and diverse public institutions. Maryland’s rich diversity affords students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the people and cultures that make up our country and our the world. Students can learn about diversity both inside and outside of the classroom. We urge you to take advantage of this great opportunity to connect with the staff of the Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy Office. We invite you to visit us in Suite 1120 of the Stamp Student Union, or give us a call at (301) 314-8600 to learn more about diversity and student involvement at the University.

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