Student Involvement Areas

Student Organzation Advising

MICA provides advising, resources, and support to student organizations that serve the Asian Pacific AmericanBlackLatino, Native American Indian, Cross Cultural, Multiracial and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities. Staff from MICA assist organizations with leadership development, membership recruitment, program planning, goal setting, and a variety of other issues dealing with organizational development.

Personal Advising

Staff members of MICA can assist individual students in discovering and addressing issues of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and culture. MICA staff members are student and leadership development specialists and can help students make the transition to college, assist students with their academic career and personal goals and concerns.


MOSAIC Diversity & Leadership Retreat

MOSAIC is a two-day, one-night weekend retreat focused on exploring the relationship between diversity and leadership. Interactive sessions and group discussions are designed to create an environment for individuals to examine their identity and how it influences their understanding of and approach to leadership. The event is coordinated by the Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life; and, is facilitated by both students and staff. Goals of the retreat include developing a stronger sense of self-awareness, examining how identity influences leadership, and engaging in conversations around how to use insights to shape the Maryland campus community. More information can be found at the MOSAIC website.


Brown Bag Cross-Cultural Series

During the semester, MICA hosts "brown-bag" discussions that engage students, staff & faculty in conversations regarding diversity, multiculturalism and social justice. These discussions are scheduled during lunch hours in order to create an environment that is fun and easy to attend without much commitment...just about an hour of your time! Check the current listings page to find out about our future discussions.


Organizational Consulting

Let MICA assist your organization by helping you rediscover your organization’s mission and purpose, establish a plan of action, recruit and retain members, and work with leadership development and program planning. MICA staff can also help you identify and locate campus resources.


Diversity and Leadership Training

MICA can educate and help your organization and its members understand the importance of diversity, multiculturalism, race, and sexual orientation. Experienced facilitators, instructors, and trainers from MICA can design a workshop or program or facilitate a dialogue that will enlighten and educate your organization.


Program Planning Support

If you are planning a program on diversity, multiculturalism, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation, let MICA’s staff help you to locate resources, avoid pitfalls, and inform you of the current research and practices in these areas. MICA staff are also happy to assist you with other types of programs.


Leadership Classes

The MICA Office — in collaboration with the Office of Campus Programs, College of Education, and Department of Counseling and Personnel Services — offer the following credit-bearing leadership classes:

Leadership Courses:

EDCP 418A Leadership and Ethnicity

EDCP 418A/AAST498I Asian Pacific American Leadership

EDCP 418B Black Leadership

EDCP 418C Latino Leadership

EDCP 418D LGBT Leadership

EDCP 418E Native American Leadership



MICA Internship Program

Serve as an intern for academic credit with a MICA staff member and work on a designated topic that is culturally specific or related to cross-cultural involvement on campus.


MICA's MVP Awards

MICA sponsors several awards for students who have made outstanding contributions to culturally specific communities as well as to students who have made significant contributions in the area of cross-cultural involvement.




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