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1235 Adele H. Stamp Student Union
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742




Our mission is to publicize events hosted in the Stamp, working in collaboration with the event creators.


We send out a team of about 5-10 students all around campus to distribute your flyers, chalk messages, and conduct surveys to spread the word about your event. Best of all, we do this at NO COST to you! That’s right, it’s FREE. However, to ensure the maximum audience possible at your event, it requires a team effort of our group working with your group to get the word on the street. Find out more by clicking the links on the left.

Each Thursday at 1 p.m. the ST visits the Marketing office where they pick up their bag of information for the week. One of the few instructions given to them is to not survey, chalk, or flyer in or near the Stamp—we want to spread a larger net over campus so we ask that however far from Stamp their day takes them that is where there work should be done.

This site contains all of our surveys to date, photos of some chalking done, and examples of where flyers are distributed. Many of the survey results are eye opening and should be given their due weight when making programming and marketing decisions.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions concerning the Stamp Street Team or how you might use them: