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Plan to begin your publicity campaign a minimum of three (3) weeks before your event


Most of the following suggestions are free.

Cost estimates are listed to help with your budget

  • Reserve your location.
  • Always check “yes” for advertising when completing your reservation form.
  • Meet with Whitney Schepf - Coordinator of Marketing & Graphic Design  (
  • Go to and fill out our Events Submission Request form.
  • You will receive a confirmation email in the form of an edited version of your submission. You will see that your event was placed on the following outlets:
    • Stamp Homepage
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Special Events @ the Stamp Google Calendar
    • FreeStuff at Maryland Calendar
    • Today @ Maryland Calendar
    • USA News electronic message boards
    • FYI Listserv
    • Honors Listserv (over 4400 students & growing)
    • RA Listserv (~235 students)
    • Eppley Listserv (over 3500 students & growing)
    • Off-Campus Student Involvement Listerv (over 4500 students & growing)
  • Major events will also be emailed to the Diamondback news desk and will be displayed on the Stamp homepage,
  • If your event does not take place in the Stamp or is happening in less than thre (3) weeks, you will be given a list of marketing suggestions.
  • Events that take place in the Stamp will also have the option of receiving help from the Stamp Street Team. The ST does three things; they flyer, chalk, and survey for events in the Stamp. We will distribute up to 1,000 flyers on campus, chalk your event, and survey students with questions you provide. Please ask for details about the Street Team or go to
  • List all FREE events at the FREE STUFF @ UM site. Go to
  • The following are recommended and do have costs associated with them. You have the option of advertising on Shuttle UM ($125.00*), working with Design Services to produce 22x26 portrait posters ($30.00* per), and flyers ($35.00* per 500).

*Please remember these are only estimates


Click here to go to Marketing Directory Information


You are planning great events so let students know about them




When Planning your event, did you remember to...

  • Book your space through Event Services in a timely manner? Small events (meetings, rehearsals, bible studies) require 3 business days and large events require 15 business days.
  • Check the Event Management System to have an idea of availability before meeting with a Reservations staff member:
  • Budget for space? Cost varies depending upon space and event – see price list located in the Event Services Office.
  • Order food from Dining Services or another food service operation in the Stamp for events held in the Stamp? List of options available in the Event Services Office.
  • Make necessary arrangements for: ticket sales, security, concessions permit, charity letter, and/or food? Should be finalized 10 business days prior to the event.
  • Contact your event manager a minimum of 10 business days prior to your event to review event logistics including times, title, room set-up, and AV needs?
  • Contact Stamp Marketing at to assist you with your marketing and publicity strategies.


Event Services

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