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Meet the 2013-2014 Terpcorps interns!

Yoon Shin, Class of 2014

Yoon is one of the interns for TerpService for the 2013-2014 academic year. He has been part of TerpCorps since Fall of sophomore year. He has volunteered at multiple environmental and poverty-related sites since becoming a TerpCorps coordinator. He is excited to work as an intern this year to continue fostering a culture of service and social justice on campus.

Outside of TerpService, he is currently studying chemical & biomolecular engineering as a senior. Being part of the Gemstone Honors program and working for the Ehrman group, he has spent considerable amount of time in the research lab the past three years. He is especially interested in renewable and sustainable energy sources. He hopes to either pursue his Ph.D to continue his research aspirations or start working as a full-time chemical engineer once he graduates in May 2014.


 Alex Winter, Class of 2014

Alex Winter is the Community Partners Intern for the 2013-2014 school year. This is her fourth year of involvement with LCSL and her second year in Terps for Change. Alex is a senior studying Government and Politics, International Development & Conflict Management, and Germanic Studies. She got into community service learning in high school and loves volunteering at Calvary Women's Services. Alex is really looking forward to expanding our community partnerships to new organizations!

Alex's happiest moment was riding a boat back to shore after going cliff jumping.

 Melissa Ceballos, Class of 2015

Melissa is a new intern for the 2013-2014 school year. She is a Government and Politics major with a double minor in International Development & Conflict Management and Secondary Education. She has been involved with the LCSL office since her freshman year. She started off by being a volunteer for Terps for Change, and continued to be involved in the LCSL office by attending Mpact retreat, participating in Terp Service Days and Alternative Breaks. She is very passionate about education all over the world and constantly finding ways how to get involved with the education systems nationally and internationally. She hopes someday to be in the position to incorporate the government to improve our educational systems as well as international educational systems. This year, she looks forward to working with the coordinators and reaching out to other students about service learning.

Fun fact about her is that she loves to bake and watch chick flicks!


meet the 2013-2014 terpcorps coordinators!

Jessica Lu, Class of 2014 

Jessica is a senior Neurobiology/Physiology major and Religious Studies minor. She a member of the Gemstone research program, a research assistant in the Biology Department, and on the executive board of Beyond These Walls, an afterschool tutoring program for elementary school students. Jessica loves working with kids, and has had a longstanding passion for children’s education and health. Jessica hopes that through TerpCorps, she can make a difference in the College Park area and create longstanding relationships with community partners. Jessica is very excited to help plan Terp Service Days with a group of great coordinators, as well as encourage campus involvement in service learning. In her spare time, Jessica enjoys cooking, reading, and making art. 

A fun fact about Jessica is that she used to live in New Mexico, and hopes to travel to the west coast again in the near future!


Marcela de Campos, Class of 2016
Marcela de Campos is going into her sophomore year at the University of Maryland. She is a Business and Economics major with an International Development and Conflict Management minor. In her free time at Maryland she is an intramural soccer official, member of the Student Honor Council, and Board Member of KIDS, a non-profit organization. This is going to be her first year as a TerpCorps coordinator and she is very excited because community service has always been a big part of her life. She’s especially eager about the large role education plays in TerpCorps and is enthusiastic to teach people about important social issues. This year she is looking forward to plan her first TerpCorps event and raise awareness while making new friends.

An interesting fact about Marcela is that she enjoys black and white film photography. 

Devon Freudenberger, Class of 2015

Devon is a junior bioengineering major.  She is also a member of the Gemstone Research Program on Team EPIDEMICS, which is trying to develop a novel vaccine delivery system for the HPV vaccine.  Devon decided to join TerpCorps to become more involved with service learning and to learn about the issues people are facing in the DC metropolitan area.  She has previously worked with Project Muranderera, an association in Burundi, Africa, that is trying to build a school for HIV/AIDS orphaned children.  Devon hopes to use her experiences from TerpCorps to help get more people involved with Muranderera and, ultimately, help them reach their goal of building a school.  After Devon graduates from Maryland, she plans to attend medical school in the Boston area and become an orthopedic surgeon.

An interesting fact about Devon is that she has three cats with her at UMD and one has 23 toes!

Cameil Becco, Class of 2014

Cameil Becco is a senior and Family Science major here at the University of Maryland. Her career goal is to become a bilingual Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and writer for a family health magazine.  Cameil’s longtime commitment to service drove her to become a TerpCorps Coordinator for her final year at the university. Her key interests in service are health, hunger, and poverty. As a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars,Cameil is required to serve her community on a yearly basis. What better way to supplement this than to be a TerpCorps member?! In addition to being a Little Terps mentor through the national society, Cameil is also a member of the Black Student Union and Caribbean Student Association. Since this will be Cameil’s first year as a Coordinator she is excited to kick start new projects with her fellow Coordinators and interns, as well as expand on the strides already made through the organization.

A fun fact about Cameil is that she spent a week in Perú on a medical brigade and built what is now known as the 28th staircase in Pamplona – Lima, Perú. 

Hemi Thaker, Class of 2015                                                                                                                                    
Hemi is majoring in Neurobiology/Physiology with a minor in Spanish. After graduating from UMD she would like to attend medical school. Hemi is a very service-oriented person; she is a volunteer EMT at the Branchville Volunteer Fire Company and volunteers weekly at the Children’s Developmental Clinic on campus. She heard about TerpCorps through its sister program, America Reads*America Counts, for which she is a math mentor. Outside of service-learning, Hemi is involved in biochemical research through the Gemstone Program, is a TA for UNIV100, and is a Peer Mentor. In addition, she works as a vision therapist in a local private practice. Hemi is also a member of the professional pre-health fraternity, Delta Epsilon Mu.

A fun fact about Hemi is that she has been a vegetarian her entire life.

Warner Lai, Class of 2014

Warner is a new TerpCorps coordinator for the 2013-2014 school year! He is a senior and a Cell Biology and Genetics major, with plans of attending medical school in the near future. Warner enjoys community service because it gives him an opportunity to better understanding and help improve the community. In his hometown of Baltimore, he has been a tutor in the Baltimore City Public School System and a volunteer at a local non-profit medical clinic. He joined TerpCorps because he is very passionate about community service and education and TerpCorps blends both aspects through the mission of service-learning. Warner is very excited for this year and looks forward to teaching and working with fellow students to promote service learning across campus. Asides from TerpCorps, Warner also serves as a team leader with the America Counts program (also apart of Leadership & Community Service Learning) and a co-president of the UMD Pre-Medical Society.

An interesting fact about Warner is that he loves playing and watch sports, especially tennis!


Steven Nguyen, Class of 2016

Steven is currently a sophomore at the University of Maryland. He is majoring in Neurobiology/Physiology with a minor in Computer Science. Steven decided to join TerpCorps in order to become more involved with the community and to learn about the various social issues that occur around campus. He saw this as a great opportunity to make a difference and hopes to inform other students on campus about these issues so that they too can become involved. As a member of the professional pre-health fraternity, Delta Epsilon Mu, Steven has been able to work with their close philanthropy organization, Kids Enjoy Exercise Now (KEEN). After graduating, he would like to attend medical so one day he can achieve his goal of becoming an ophthalmologist.

An interesting fact about Steven is that he enjoys rock climbing!


Matt O’Mahoney, Class of 2017

Matt is a freshman English and Philosophy double major here at the University of Maryland. In his time outside of school he loves reading and collecting books with the hope of one day having a personal library. He first participated in TerpCorps his first semester as a Terp. After falling in love with it, he knew that he wanted to be more involved in it and is glad to be now be part of the TerpCorps family. Next semester will be his first as a coordinator and he is looking forward to meeting all of the volunteers. While acting to resolve issues firsthand is important, he is also excited to help make others more aware of these problems that are in our neighborhoods so as to create lifelong fighters of these social issues. 

A fun fact about Matt is that he loves to knit and actually knitted his grandmother a scarf over winter break!

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