O.N.E. UMD Conference


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Sunday, September 22, 2013
1:00pm - 7:30pm
Adele H. Stamp Student Union

Free to Attend

From cultural groups to academic groups, student organization leaders experience many of the same issues and have many of the same leadership needs. These can range from marketing to recruitment, from program planning to inspiring a shared vision. Collaboratively, the Student Government Association, Maryland Alumni Association, University Career Center and the President's Promise, and the Adele H. Stamp Student Union - Center for Campus Life host the O.N.E. UMD Student Organization Leadership Conference to bring student organization leaders together and help them enhance their leadership capacities.

The goals of O.N.E. UMD are based on the principles of Organizing, Networking and Empowering combined with the leadership needs student group leaders most frequently identify. Participants leave the conference with a toolbox filled with increased confidence, an understanding of the resources available to them and networks of other student leaders and alumni who can relate to their challenges and help them successfully engage in leadership.

We want student group leaders to understand the systems and services of the university so they can better utilize the resources available to them. In addition, we want to help students understand their leadership strengths and better position them to motivate and empower their group's members. Most of all, we want participants to develop networks with other student leaders and alumni, as we often learn the most from those around us. For the fourth year in a row, 100% of those who attended O.N.E. UMD indicated it was a critical element of their student organization's success and said they would recommend it as a valuable experience to their student leader peers.

When we come together as ONE, that is when we succeed!

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