Maryland Leadership Conference

Maryland Leadership Conference:

Come Together. Discover Authentic Leadership. Ignite Change.

November 8-9, 2014

4-H National Conference Center, Chevy Chase, MD


Now in its 36th year, the Maryland Leadership Conference (MLC) is the longest running student leadership conference in the country. Join your peers for a weekend retreat to enhance your personal leadership style and efficacy. Through large group discussions, small group dialogues, and real-life application, you will leave with the tools necessary to enact positive social change.

Quick Info & Details!

·   The Maryland Leadership Conference takes place from November 8-9, 2014 at the 4-H National Conference Center in Chevy Chase, MD.

·   Pre-event informational meetings will be hosted Tuesday, November 4th (in the evening, time TBD) and Wednesday, November 5th (in the evening, time TBD)

·   Check-in for the Maryland Leadership Conference begins on Saturday, November 8th at 8:30 am. Students can expect to return to campus by 6:00 pm on Sunday, November 9th.

·   The conference fee is $35 which includes transportation, housing accommodations, all meals, and conference material. Ample sponsorship opportunities exist to ensure the cost does not prevent you from attending.

Who Can Benefit from MLC?

·   Any University of Maryland student!

·   Leadership development helps you gain a greater understanding of your own talents, values and interests, and empowers you to facilitate positive change as a member or leader of a group.

·   MLC recognizes that leadership is a skill that can, and should be, developed by all people.


What Is the Format of MLC?

·   The Maryland Leadership Conference is facilitated by the Peer Leadership Council and a cohort of trained peer-to-peer leadership educators at the University of Maryland.

·   The sessions are interactive and designed so that participants not only get to know one another throughout the weekend but also have a chance to practice what they are learning in the workshops.

·   There will also be opportunities to connect with staff members from campus as a means to continue exploring your involvement and leadership interests.

·   We will explore concepts for understanding how one can contribute their leadership skills to the greater society.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for MLC is $35, which is nominal compared to the actual cost of attendance incurred by The Stamp. We do not want the registration fee to be the reason why someone does not attend MLC. Many students in the past have found sponsorship from several campus departments (e.g., College Park Scholars, The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, CIVICUS, School of Engineering, Campus Recreation Services, Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy, America Reads * America Counts, OMSE, Nyumburu Cultural Center, and Graduate Student Life). Place of employment, whether on or off-campus is a good place to seek sponsorship as well. Students who have relationships with offices or departments such as these are encouraged to seek out sponsorships from them directly.

Students not sponsored in full by a campus department or program may apply for sponsorship through the Adele H. Stamp Student Union- Center for Campus Life by emailing Corinne Bernstein at If you do not have sponsorship, please bring your payment to the Leadership and Community Service Learning in 0110 Stamp Student Union prior to the October 31st deadline. You may pay via check or money order.

If you register for the conference but are no longer available to attend, the last day to cancel your registration without penalty is October 31st.