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A Wider Circle

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A Wider Circle has the mission to end poverty, and the amazing thing about this organization is that they do not say no to anyone! AWC provides education and job preparedness, long-term support programs, and basic provision items. Volunteers will be part of A Wider Circle's Neighbor-to-Neighbor program, which furnishes the homes of about 20 families each day. Anyone in need can find help in the form of home furnishings, appropriate outfits for work, toys and games for kids, and much more, all at no cost to the clients.

If volunteers are able to move furniture, they can load clients' vehicles as well as restock the warehouse. There are also plenty of other tasks for volunteers including sorting and organizing donations and assisting clients in choosing items. A Wider Circle does require volunteers to wear closed-toed shoes, sleeved shirts, long shorts, and only "family friendly" messages on their clothing. Volunteers should also dress in layer for the weather and bring a reusable water bottle. Work gloves will be provided by the site.

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Community Forklift

Community Forklift

Community Forklift is no ordinary home improvement or environmental protection center. It's both! The organization provides donated building materials to our College Park community at low prices, helping to reduce the cost of living. Donations from homeowners and contractors allow for environmental preservation in two ways: gently used furniture and other supplies are kept out of landfills and incinerators, and the environmental damage caused by producing new building materials is eliminated. 

Students will support Community Forklift by sorting, preparing, and stocking green building supplies for community clients. Volunteers should wear "work" clothes that can get dirty or even stained with paint and must wear closed-toed shoes. Volunteers should also dress in layers for the weather and bring a reusable water bottle. Work gloves and extra t-shirts will be provided by TerpService.

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UMD Arboretum and Botanical Garden


Our entire College Park campus is a convenient and easily accessible arboretum. What is an arboretum? It is a collection of trees and plants maintained for scientific and educational study and public enjoyment.

The goals of our Campus Arboretum are:

  • To display our campus landscape, forestry, plants, and natural heritage dating from the University’s beginnings to the present,
  • To educate our community and visitors about our campus’s natural environment, and
  • To model UMD’s vision of a green university.

When you come to volunteer, we’ll ask you to really get your hands dirty--weeding, raking, pruning, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, cleaning up landscapes, mulching, or replenishing footpaths--and you will feel like you have accomplished something special when you are done. We always come up with fun, active projects that enhance the beauty of campus and engage you with nature and your fellow volunteers.

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Magruder Park is Hyattsville's major park facility. At 32 acres, the park is overrun with invasive species of plants. These invasive species with no local predators tend to overrun native plants, disrupting the ecosystem and causing problems for both animals and people in the community. Volunteers will work with Dr. Imlay, the park ranger for Magruder, as well as other Hyattsville city park staff to identify and remove these plants and pick up trash around the park.

Volunteers must dress for the weather. Work gloves will be provided and site coordinators will drive volunteers to the site each week.

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