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Community Dialogues

Community dialogues are monthly components that emphasize the service-learning goal of Terps for Change. Dialogues cover the three fields of reflection in community service-learning: personal, community, and future.The goal is to get student volunteers to think critically about their work and their community, to spark provocative dialogues on social issues and needs as they relate to UMCP, and to support students through the transformational experience of intimately getting to know a community partner.

These may include:

  • Guest speaker/ speaker panel related to the social issue, followed by a question & answer session as well as meaningful dialogues
  • Presentation of videos, magazine articles, pictures, and other forms of media to facilitate discussions on the social issue
  • Group activities to get our minds thinking
  • Large group reflection exercises to share and learn about the experiences of volunteers at different service sites

In order to further our knowledge and understanding of the social issues that Terps for Change works with, we will be offering supplemental dialogues in between the four main dialogues. These dialogues will really focus on the social issues that Terps for Change works with (i.e. Education, Hunger and Homelessness, and Environmental Issues). Feel free to bring a friend.

Please keep in mind that community dialogues are MANDATORY.

You are expected to attend all of the Dialogues listed below!

Week of September 30th

Community Dialogue 1

Week of October 14th

Community Dialogue 2

Week of October 28th

Community Dialogue 3

Week of November 11th

Community Dialogue 4

 Week of December 2nd

 Community Dialogue 5