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Thoughts on TLI

Here are what past participants had to say about their TLI experience!

  • “I am able to think more critically when faced with conflict or leadership.”

  • “I am better motivated to find ways to empower others as leaders, and am more engaged to rely on others/be interdependent with others.”

  • “I am better prepared to be a leader and have met great people.”

  • “I am more accepting of myself as a leader and open minded to everyone's opinions and ideas.”

  • “I am more aware of my leadership style and how I can apply that in my everyday life.”

  • “I better understand my strengths and weaknesses.”

  • “I feel like I know myself better.”

  • “I feel more confident in understanding and acting in group teamwork and leadership situations.”

  • “I have a solid understanding of what leadership means to me and how to be an effective leader.”

  • “I learned about how others' background differed from my own and allowed people to lead/work in different ways.”

  • “I met some really nice, motivated people and had discussions that helped me adjust during my first semester at UMD!”
  • This has been the best part of my Tuesday! I want to get more involved with LCSL.

  • Facilitators were always high energy and I'm recommending the program to all my friends.

  • It was an eye opening experience!

  • This was a great experience and I would 10/10 recommend.

Here is what the numbers have to say!

  • 93.03% report understanding their personal leadership style.

  • 95.35% report being able to work effectively with a group to accomplish shared goals.

  • 97.67% report gaining knowledge to be an effective member in any group.

  • 98.84% report increasing in their comfort engaging with others from different backgrounds than their own.

  • 100% report teamwork skill are important in all organizations.

  • 97.67% report identifying the beliefs they hold.

  • 96.51% report understanding how their beliefs improve their judgement.

  • 96.52% report agreeing or strongly agreeing they benefited from attending TLI.

  • 95.30% would recommend TLI to other students.

  • 97.68% report the facilitators created an inclusive environment in which members could contribute in meaningful ways.

  • 95.35% report facilitators were able to lead my group in a meaningful discussion related to relevant concepts of leadership.