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Lead an AB Experience


Experience Leaders serve as the primary planners and coordinators for each Alternative Break experience. Serving as an Alternative Breaks Experience Leader, provides significant leadership development, unique experiences and skill building that will benefit you beyond your years as a UMD student. The AB Experience Leaders form a tight-knit community and team full of support, learning, fun and desire to make a difference for communities faced with social, economic and systemic challenges.

2017-18 Application Process:

1. Review the Experience Leader Position Description for information about specific responsibilities and requirements. For more information, come to a Information Session on March 28th at 6:00 pm or April 5th at 1:30pm in the LCSL Conference Room. 

2. Complete online applications by April 9th (at 11:59pm) and select a Round 1 (Group Interview) time.

3. Complete a Group Interview. This will be a series of group activities facilitated by AB staff and/or previous Experience Leaders. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early. 

4. If selected, complete a Round 2: Individual Interview. This will be about 20 minutes of individual questions and conducted by 2-3 AB staff and/or previous Experience Leaders. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.

5. If selected, attend the final Round 3 Interview Session on May 3rd at 6:00 pm.

4. All applicants will be notified by the second week of May and attend an Orientation in mid-May.



What is it like to be an EL?

What do former ELs have to say?

"The most gratifying aspect of being an EL has been seeing members of my group look to make service a part of their life here at UMD. I loved that we were all able to walk away with a heightened sense of awareness about our social issue and are now looking to make a difference!"

"The EL role is the challenge of creating something, planning it for months, and then actually doing it. Not just doing it, but doing it for other people and being immersed in an experience yourself- learning and growing alongside my participants was incredibly rewarding."

"The most rewarding aspect of being an Experience Leader is the fact that I was able to inspire, teach, learn with, and grow closer to my participants and co leaders. Sharing such an amazing experience with such amazing people is something I will never forget. I would relive the opportunity in a heartbeat."

What will you gain as an EL?

  • Valuable personal development and transferable skills that can be applied to many contexts
  • Experience Leaders will be a valuable voice for student involvement in AB and will have an opportunity to help guide the direction of the AB program
  • High level of responsibility and unique leadership experience guiding peers through an experiential education program
  • Organizational experience through trip-planning and coordination
  • Building close relationships within a community of diverse peers, staff and faculty
  • Deeper understanding of social issues, root causes, service-learning, social change and social justice concepts
  • Up to 30% discount on AB trip cost (dependent on full completion of trainings and responsibilities)

What will you do as an EL?

Experience Leaders start planning for AB experiences beginning the summer before their trips depart. In the fall semester, you will be guided through the planning process, have regular check-ins with your leadership team and AB intern advisor, organize team meetings, and contact community partner and lodging sites. ELs have required bi-monthly trainings throughout the year on  Fridays from 4-6 pm and a Fall and Winter retreat. View the EL Calendar for an idea of the time commitment required.