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Current TerpCorps Members

meet the 2014-15 terpservice interns!

Irsa Sarkawi, Social Change Education

Irsa is the new Social Change Education intern for the 2014-15 year.
She's an international student and self-proclaimed third culture kid (look it up) majoring in biochemistry with a minor in linguistics. It was in one of the Peer Educator classes provided by MICA that made her realize her passion for community dialogue and service learning. The class happened to coincide with her first semester volunteering with TerpService - all in all, it was a transformative semester. Since then, she's tried to continuously educate herself and engage in social issues. In her spare time, she moonlights as a foodie.

Morgan Reeves, Community Partnerships

Morgan is the new 2014-2015 Community Partnerships Intern. She is from the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, but was born in Germany and is the youngest member of a military family. She is a currently a senior family science major. She's still unsure on what she wants to do after she graduates, but she knows she wants to work with kids. She hopes to join the Peace Corps if not right after college then at least at some point in her life. Morgan got involved with the LCSL office her freshman year, working as a mentor with America Reads*America Counts. She loved her experience that first year so much that she started looking for more programs to get involved in. She found the Alternative Breaks program and went on her first trip that summer. She started volunteering with Terps for Change her sophomore year and became a site coordinator the following spring semester. Through this she quickly came to realize just how transformative the programs in the LCSL office can be. In her spare time Morgan really enjoys reading and occasionally, when she's inspired, takes time to write.

Luzella Morton, Management & Recruitment

Lulu is the new 2014-15 Management & Recruitment Intern. She was born and raised in Baltimore and Harford County, Maryland, but spent the last two years of high school in a little Louisianan town that she still calls “home”. As a University of Maryland junior, she currently studies government and politics and counterterrorism and would ideally like to have a career with a federal agency. Lulu got involved with LCSL her freshman year as a suggestion by her (now graduated) RA and Terps for Change coordinator, Alex Winter. Since then, she has concentrated her volunteer efforts on women’s issues by spending hours serving and coordinating with Calvary Women’s Services. She also looks forward to going on an Alternative Breaks trip this year to learn about and combat domestic violence. In her spare time Lulu loves to kick back, spend time with her family, and, of course, watch her favorite Maryland sports teams!

meet the 2014-15 terpservice day coordinators!

Stella Iweh

One interesting thing about me is that my name Stella means star and it is in the middle of the word constellations. I’m 18 years old and I’m interested in Biology in hopes of becoming a pediatrician. I played on my high school’s varsity volleyball team, and I’m a poet. I am the last of four and its perks are just starting to kick in. I’m Nigerian and I have dual citizenship. I’ve been interested in leadership and community service since I was in grade school. I love to give back because coming from a 3rd world country I’ve had first-hand experience of witnessing those around me who lack the necessities of life. Accessing clean water shouldn’t be a privilege, and eight year olds shouldn’t have to drop out of school in order to sell groundnut at the market. I believe the world could be such a beautiful place if people cared more about others. I care.

Devon Freudenberger

Devon Freudenberger is a senior bioengineering major and premed student. As a student at Maryland, Devon is involved with many different activities and groups. She is excited to return to Terp Service this year as a Terp Service Day coordinator and to engage in local community service-learning. Devon is a member of Team EPIDEMICS in the Gemstone program and also serves on the HPAO Pre-Health Student Advisory Board and the Honors College Student Advisory Board. In addition, Devon is a part of Tau Beta Pi: The National Engineering Honor Society. After her time at Maryland, Devon hopes to attend medical school. In her spare time, Devon loves to go to baseball games, crochet, and play with her many pets.

Jordan Freeman

Jordan is a senior completing dual degrees in Cell Biology & Genetics and Anthropology. In addition to being a coordinator for Terp Service Days, Jordan is a Honors Ambassador for the Honors College, a peer mentor for the education abroad office, and an ambassador for University Studies Abroad Consortium. After studying abroad and volunteering at an orphanage and a NGO in Thailand and Ghana for a year, Jordan is returning to TerpCorps and is excited to start working on Terp Service Days again. She strongly believes that service-learning is a way to actively participate in positively changing many social issues surrounding us today. It allows us to 'be the change we want to see in the world,'  and TerpCorps is an organization that steps up to many social issues and takes on the challenge through action.

A fun fact about Jordan is that she learned how to meditate from a Buddhist monk in Thailand in a temple. 

Eric Zhang

Eric is a junior majoring in Neurobiology/Physiology at UMCP. He recently completed the Integrated Life Sciences Honors Program, and plans to attend medical school after college. He did hundreds of hours of volunteering in high school, and is currently volunteering at Doctor’s Community Hospital/Child Development Clinic. He is also a GSS leader for Organic Chemistry 1, did several biological internships at IBBR, and is active in a club he founded and various other organizations. Eric believes that volunteering is a rewarding experience that will broaden people’s perspectives on their community and teach them to not take things for granted. He hopes that TerpService will allow him to spread awareness and learn about social issues within the Washington metropolitan area. 

An interesting fact about Eric is that he has lived in China, Korea, and San Diego before residing in Maryland