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Minor in Leadership Studies

Minor In leadership studies LogoProgram Overview

The Minor in Leadership Studies promotes college student leadership development by educating undergraduate students for and about leadership in a complex world. The goal of the Minor is to prepare students to serve effectively in formal and informal leadership roles in campus, local, national, and global contexts. The Minor also encourages students to identify a working philosophy of leadership that can advance students’ thinking around ethics, civic engagement, and the importance of working within diverse and multicultural environments. These areas are critical aspects of leadership that require faculty and students to build and critically evaluate existing theoretical, research-based, and practical knowledge of leadership. Students in the Minor can use their knowledge, skills, and competencies gained from this academic program to enhance their sense of self, engagement with others, and better identify their values in future aspirations. Core courses in the Minor are sequenced to meet increasingly complex sets of learning outcomes across cognitive, personal development, and group/organizational domains.


In order to apply for the minor in Leadership Studies, students must:

  1. Complete at least 30 credit hours prior to application to the program.
  2. Be in good academic standing.
  3. Complete EDCP 217 with a C- or better.
  4. Have not completed the last 9 credits of Minor coursework and no later than one full academic year before the expected date of graduation.
  5. Must complete an application form and met the Minor in Leadership selection criteria.

Interested in Learning More? Want to Apply?

Visit our Leadership Studies Program Website for more details, information on applying, and more. You can also email our coordination team at